The most wonderful smart people I've found are those that presuppose everyone else is just as smart, if not smarter, than them and we've all just had access to different information.

Today was ... interesting. If you followed me for the past months over on the shitbird site, you might have seen a bunch of angry German words, lots of graphs, and the occassional news paper, radio, or TV snippet with yours truely. Let me explain.

In Austria, inflation is way above the EU average. There's no end in sight. This is especially true for basic needs like energy and food.

Our government stated in May that they'd build a food price database together with the big grocery chains. But..


A warning amid extreme HEAT!

France issued red alert warnings for four administrative regions in the south, where temperatures are expected to shoot above 40 (104F) in the coming days
#AureFreePress #GlobalWarming #climatechange #weather #ClimateEmergency #climatecrisis #France

The English Chess Federation (ECF) has said it won’t be a pawn in the International Chess Federation’s anti-trans game and will continue to welcome all players.
Phew. #chess #trans #news

got turned into a werewolf last night, so far i'm lycan it

Nobody's trying to turn your kids gay or trans but you are trying to turn other's kids evangelical.

Regular reminder: if your site or app doesn’t work in Firefox, it’s broken.

I lived through the “this site requires and/or is best in IE” era, and I’d rather burn it all down than return to that.

Pro-tip: Firefox does most things better anyway. Give it a spin and enjoy a less-tracked web.

Former President Trump will have his mugshot taken if he's indicted over Fulton County's investigation into alleged criminal efforts to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia.

I saw this advert from 1956 on Instagram and can’t work out how a fridge from nearly 70 years ago basically has better features than the fridge I own now.

Dally reminder that the capital owners and generational wealth holders are not your friends.

"lobbying" is such a silly word to use instead of "corruption"

I have closed Twitter and deleted the app from my phone. Now I need recommendations on who to follow here. I am interested in #climate, #energy, #airquality, #sustainabledevelopment

Three #Mastodon / #Fediverse tools that I discovered recently and that are quite powerful:

- #Fediview – A configurable algorithmic timeline for your feed.
- #Followgraph – Suggests accounts to follow based on who your contacts follow.
- #Phanpy – An alternative web UI for Mastodon. Hugely improves the overall experience for me.

No, your body cannot build tolerance to endless extreme heat. Unless you’re a soulless capitalist right-wing fascists ghoul. The shite these ghouls try to peddle in late-stage capitalism to the masses just beggars belief.

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Has anyone tried biting a zombie to see if they just turn back into people?

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