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It's always "you need to build up a tolerance to crop failures" and never "billionaires should build up a tolerance to not having yachts".


Dear Reader,
The earth bakes, Trump broils, and Putin simmers.

It shall be an interesting week indeed!

AURE FREE PRESS wants to be your source for news.

Read, Watch, Discuss!

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Hello, I introduce myself:

I am a cartoonist and scriptwriter who is looking for a way to express my art independently, without having to depend financially on any corporation.

I haven't gotten it yet.

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Since the "Elon Musk's Jet" tracker popped up in my feed, I figured I'd do some quick math. Based on a meat diet releasing roughly 6 kg of carbon per day for a 2000 calories a day diet (from random googling) and Elon's one trip generating 47 kt of CO2.

With this single trip, Musk generated more carbon than a would be saved by a heavy meat eater going vegan for 29 years.

I mean, you probably should eat less meat, but it won't save a planet full of billionaire assholes.

This line from The New York Times this morning kind of blew my mind:

"The game industry now accounts for significant chunks of the economy. It is larger than music, U.S. book publishing and North American sports COMBINED. Microsoft’s game division and Activision Blizzard *each* make more money annually than all U.S. movie theaters."

(Emphasis mine)

5 members of Jehovah’s Witnesses congregations charged with child sexual abuse in Pennsylvania

Not drag queens. Not trans people. Just pervy preachers.

We’re excited to share that Framework Laptop 16 pre-orders are now open, with configurations powered by the latest AMD Ryzen™ CPUs and AMD Radeon™ GPUs!

Please remember that the Pollution-Industrial Complex has been preparing for •decades• to make the pivot from “there is no climate crisis” to “it’s too late to do anything!”

Please remember that hopeless doomerism is part of fossil fuel’s PR strategy.

This isn’t doom. This is all hands on deck. This is “tear down the gates and storm the castle.”

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🚗: I hope I find parking.

🚴🏽‍♂️: I hope I don’t die.

We’re not the same.

🤔 meteorologists and meteorologists only please:

If hurricanes are fueled by ocean heat...

And this is the hottest year on record by far...

And the oceans are heating up faster than any of us expected...

Does that mean that we're about to have the worst hurricane season in history? Are we likely to see the biggest storm ever at some point this year?

Or does the variance within years make that unlikely?Is there's some feedback that makes it hard for storms to get bigger than cat 5?

Honestly my biggest fear about becoming a zombie is all the walking.


2022 heat related deaths:
Las Vegas - 152 DEAD
Phoenix - 453 DEAD
Texas - 300+ DEAD

Worldwide - 61,748 DEAD

2023 is on pace to shatter the 2022 record of deaths from heat!
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Twitter is paying high profile far right content creators, including Andrew Tate, thousands of dollars for posting to the app

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