UK politics moment (sorry).

Our probably next Prime Minister wrote a piece in a national newspaper at the weekend praising Margaret Thatcher, still pretty much the bogeyman to people like me who grew up poor in the North (and pretty much anyone who values lives over profits).

And I'm fed up.

Is this really what we get? After austerity, Brexit, the cost of living crisis and the Year of the Three Losers, we have a chance for meaningful change and all we get is someone who's every pronouncement has been focus-grouped to meaninglessness. The world is falling apart around us - why don't we have the option to vote for someone who has a strong passion to do something about it!?

There are solutions available for almost everything that's wrong. It just takes someone with willpower and principle who can stand up to vested interests and not be swayed by lobbyists. Why don't we have that person? I'm legit mad about it!

πŸ‘‹ #introduction, because I didn't really do one first time around. I'm on a #selfhosted instance so... feel free to #SayHi, or boost to introduce me to your friends (it's lonely on a server by yourself!).

:bisexual_flag:​ :polyamory_flag:​ #Queer #polyamourous #geek. Too late to be a renaissance man and not smart enough to be a polymath, I have to content myself with being a jack-of-all trades. #Blogger for ~25 years (, casual #fediverse user since 2018. #IndieWeb fan since forever.

πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί :socialiststar: European in exile living in West #Oxfordshire, #UnitedKingdom, with my partner @fleeblewidget, her husband @misterjta, our two children, and a derpy #dog. Politically #environmentalist #socialist.

:automattic:​ :threerings: Work for #Automattic since 2019: I love that I get paid to help contribute #softwareDevelopment to some of my favourite #OpenSource tools! Founded and #volunteer with a #NonProfit called #ThreeRings, producing software to help streamline charities.

:geohashing: :geocaching: When I've time for fun, I'm into #geohashing, #geocaching, #cycling, and performing #magic. Sometimes at the same time.

:hehim: He/him pronouns.

#UK folks, there's a petition to keep protection of transgender people in the equality act.

It's pretty scary being trans in this country at the moment, and we could use your help to protect our rights.

Feel free to share broadly/openly with others. Steal, boost, whatever. Let's get 100k signatures, please.

Hi! Welcome to the world πŸ˜€

JTA [he / his] πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί  
Thought I ought to get myself onto Mastodon before all the good handles get hoovered up by the latest iteration of Eternal September, so here I am.

My mother forwarded me a black friday offer for the thing she wants for Christmas and actually this is really helpful. Can we normalise this please?

Nerdy joke about relationship breakup 

For the record, this was based off jokes we were making at each other over lunch (I forget why) - we're not breaking up!

Dan Q  

Nerdy joke about relationship breakup 

To this extent I'm really interested to know how the age breakdown of people on the #Fediverse. On one hand it would seem to make sense to me that most people here remember the "old internet" before the centralization and they're here to rekindle that flame of independence. On the other hand the youths are generally pretty up on this whole technology thing. I grew up on the internet and since then smartphones have become even more ubiquitous.

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Hi everyone,

I'm a software engineering manager working for a company doing only borderline-scary stuff with AI, I also do some pro-rata things for a non-profit called Three Rings which supports volunteers.

I live with my husband, boyfriend, brother, two kids and a dog in a commune of chaos in West Oxfordshire, UK.

I'm a very occasional blogger, I wish I could tell you the most popular thing I wrote was a post about reframing and conquering imposter syndrome ( but it's actually this super out of date cheatsheet for a ruby debugger -

I'll be posting very sporadically, probably either about tech or making naive/ranty/both leftist comments on UK politics.

I plan to lurk a whole bunch though :)

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