The daily genocide continues while we obsess over the US presidential election.

Israel’s war on Gaza live: At least 81 killed in 24 hours of Israeli raids

‘All rules of war’ broken: Israeli strikes kill 81 Palestinians in 24 hours

> Israel attacks eight school shelters in 10 days killing dozens of women, children as 81 killed in past 24 hours in Gaza.

The massacre continues unabated

Israel’s war on Gaza live: 48 killed in three air strikes in 1 hour in Gaza

At least 48 killed in three Israeli air strikes in less than 1 hour in Gaza

> Israeli strikes continue across the Gaza Strip, including on a school used as a shelter and near a UN operations centre.

2024 New Year's Resolutions:
Run 2000 miles
Lift 1.6 million lbs on the barbell
30,000 chin ups
60,000 push ups
Average daily body weight 155 lbs.
Family spending under budgeted amount

I wrote about the genocide in Palestine, and how tech has been silent and complicit.

I know the Warriors aren't that good this year, but it's impressive that Podziemski is a #19 pick rookie starting for the Warriors. In this video he looks to be a high-IQ player. Looking forward to seeing more of him.

Finished the Clarksburg Country Run Half Marathon. Beautiful run.

Looking forward to my little road trip to Vegas for re:Invent

raleys : yes we have self checkout. Yes you're still going to wait in a long ass line.

When I reboot my phone, Todoist pushes an individual notification for each of my 100+ overdue tasks. Fun.

Looking at a reserve study for an HOA and just realizing how ridiculous it is to try to project to 2053. Climate change and AI is going to change so much by then, who knows if the houses will even exist then, and if they do, won't the robots be able to replace the roofs?

Surprisingly few people are familiar with the sports term, "hat trick."

"your guys's", surely the finest phrase ever uttered

Deluge (the audiobook) took a _long_ time to get going, but it has really picked up, and I am enjoying it. It's 40 hours long and I'm almost halfway done. I am finding myself identifying with the character Tony Pietrus.

Sure, neighbor person, tonight is a great an appropriate night for fireworks.

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