Just used ChatGPT to generate bedtime stories for my two kids from their prompts. Then I gave them a bonus story that the AI easily created from a combination of the first two stories. It was really fun. I do wonder if I'll ever look back at this moment as a dark memory.

Ready to head to the airport for
Hopefully everyone can figure out who I work for 🤣

On November 25, at the urging of a far-right troll, Elon Musk banned the @CrimethInc Twitter account.

Musk’s goal in acquiring Twitter had nothing to do with “free speech”—it was a partisan move to silence opposition, paving the way for fascist violence.

Please help us circulate our full statement:


Please follow us on Telegram and Mastodon.

I swear my kids would almost starve themselves before eating what humans have recognized for hundreds of years as delicious food.

spent most of yesterday making a tom yum soup common meal for 30 of my closest neighbors. Last night and this morning making the cranberry curd tart. Could have "mailed it in" making easy Brussels sprouts for the second potluck today. But for some reason I'm making Brussels sprouts with bacon ends and homemade sweet potato gnocchi. I just can't help myself 😆

Absolutely incredible that large groups of people have decided to spend their time hating on:
1) making sure your charitable giving is doing the most good possible, and
2) extending the number of healthy years of life

There should be a Mastodon app link, so people can link to their Mastodon handles, and you can click on the links that will open in your app, allowing you to easily follow new people, rather than having to copy/paste their handles.

Any favorite futurist podcasts, YouTube channels, peertube, Twitter accounts, mastodon accounts, RSS feeds? Interested in life extension, AI, robotics, space exploration, crypto, virtual reality. I need some new sources in my life!

I hear SBF drank water. Water is no longer an approved beverage.

Not loving the trend of people saying effective altruism is lame based on one lame adherent rather than debating it on the merits. Lazy.

My son gets a homework packet every week. Three pages stapled together. Today he decided to be _clever_. He _cut out_ one of the pages and _glued it_ to another page, so that he wouldn't have to do the front of one page and the back of another.
Like I wouldn't notice? And, even more importantly, like the teacher wouldn't notice? Absolutely incredible performance 🤣
Talmbout "I don't know why it's wet" and "the page ripped out when my teacher grabbed it from me."
Some serious effort went into this attempted deception. Dare I say, more effort than would have been required to do the homework that he avoided!

You love to see it
Voters Reject Election Deniers Running to Take Over Elections nyti.ms/3EC7kwx

I refuse to say or write "an historic" unless I'm ill-advisedly speaking with an English accent.

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