Transgender and non-binary human beings have always existed and always will. A disagreement with this fact is a threat of annihilation and should be treated as such. Do not be polite with those who are so cavalier about eliminationist dogma.

If you can't get on board with what I just said, you're no ally. TERF ideology is inherently pro-genocide and pro-Nazi. It requires believers to deny an entire chapter of Nazi Germany's mass slaughters. Do not support those who traffic this hate in any capacity. Ever.

Has anyone successfully used #mastodon as like a neighborhood based NextDoor replacement?

Set up an instance that is open to residents of a certain neigborhood. The local timeline could actually be a LOCAL timeline!

I've avoided NextDoor like the plague but it seems to me all the features that help make Mastodon more pleasant than Twitter could easily apply on this platform as well.

I could even see *not* federating it effectively starting a neighborhood-specific social media site.

My first thought upon waking up in the morning is, “Uuuuggghh, not again.”

I have two main moods.

1. Not feeling bad for some reason. Hey, this is actually all right.

2. Bad

Waiting for someone to make an artisanal search engine that only indexes manually verified websites written by humans. Farm-to-table organic search results, handmade with 100% certified human creativity, like your grandparents told you about.

Buyer beware! Succulent plants are not, in fact, succulent. They taste like shit.

If you tried Mastodon before, and are back because Twitter is freaking out. Welcome back. Hopefully, you find a home this time around.

RE #Twitter: Is it the Ship of Theseus if you don’t replace anything? #TwitterDown

They edited out the part where Goldilocks tried all three toilets

Sure, Twitter is down. But if you have Twitter Blue, you get to pay $10 a month for the pleasure of Twitter being down.

"I know you," said Alice. "Are you to present me with a puzzle? Perhaps one of you tells the truth and the other lies?"

"Oh no," said Bingle-Dum.

"We both lie," added Googl-E.

"But there must be a clue," pouted Alice. "For how else am I to tell when to trust what you say?"

"That's the point!" laughed Bingle-Dum.

"We don't know when we're telling the truth either!" said Googl-E, finishing the other's sentence.

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Going to a puppy bowl party. Etiquette question: Is a 30 second butt sniff greeting too long? I don't want to embarrass myself.

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