Imagine living in a world where you weren't restricted on what you could do with your own computers... that's software freedom. The @fsf is fighting for your rights and pushing for a future where software gives people the freedom to control their own digital lives. Won't you support them? #SoftwareFreedom #FreedomToShare

One thing newcomers to #mastodon and the #fediverse might not know: the links you click on here are the real link, no added layer of obfuscation with "" and redirecting you to extra servers to track who reads what. Just the original, unadulterated link, as nature intended.

Folks in tech who say it's easy to criticize but hard to build... Sorry, no. It's easy to build if you don't care about the flaws or societal consequences or ripping off others' work. Any midwit sociopath can do that. The hard thing is to build something that *isn't* evil.

We just published an investigation in collaboration with @themarkup.

We found a surprising number of telehealth startups have big tech trackers on their platforms which share sensitive data with companies like Google, Facebook, and Tiktok.

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As long as the code behind "smart" home devices is proprietary, these companies are free to spy on us as much as they like. Help us fight back: tell your friends about free software and urge then to join the FSF! Support #FreeSoftware.

Merry Christmas everyone - it's that magical wintery time again!

Yes, it's where a slight increase in coal output in the UK relative to the past months gets framed as a long-term return to coal power and a failure of the climate transition, by specifically ignoring the yearly trends over the past decade and a half.

Merry "coal is coming back" month to all who celebrate in the UK :)

And cheers to Jan Rosenow for reminding me I needed to update these graphics!

Usually governments provide reliable information about for example diseases or catastrophes. If news organizations aren't proving reliable information about (some) current topics, one might argue that it doesn't provide reliable information about governmental issues like corruption in the government or how a government's actions is affecting its average citizens. In fact it's demonstrably true that most corporate news organizations dont provide reliable information about such governmental topics. It's sexier (more $$$) to talk about whatever some fringe Republican has said or what Drumpf is doing because there's drama there. There's not much drama in reporting about e.g. efficacy of certain homelessness prevention measures compared to other measures.

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Whenever I try to something that I come across about a current topic, I realize that it's very hard to come by reliable information. I'm not even talking about mis/disinformation. I'm talking about the fact that many organizations will put an "entertainment spin" to it. Instead of talking about the worrying rises in and rates, they'll tell you how this one hospital was on the brink of a collapse because of pediatric hospitalizations and how it managed not to do that...

What we learned thru is just as important thru . Currently in the and there are abnormally high rates of flu and deaths from flu.

Hello, Mastodon!
What an unfortunate situation at Twitter, so here we are! I am a cell biology scientist that is all about YOUR amazing science and more!

As for an introduction, here you have a video from my research: Blood infection in vivo! #Zebrafish embryo infected with #Salmonella (green dots) and live imaged 10 hrs post-infection. Sensory #neurons (DRG, green) and #macrophages (magenta) detect and coordinate the body's anti-microbial response.

@alexwinter Unless we make this whole business of people farming socially unacceptable, we have an uphill battle on our hands. And yes, that means even before a proto-fascist like Elon Musk ends up owning one. Why are we ok with building and profiting from the infrastructure of fascism as long as our (mild mannered neoliberal?) friends own it and only start to worry when the full-cream fascists take over? It’s a bit too late then, no?

More on the tech side of things:

: give me more data. Your credit cards your. Your royalty cards. We already got all your transactions from your Gmail emails but just make it easier for us.

#News: The U.S. Department of #Health and Human Services has released a pretty significant #update about user #tracking on hospital websites.

Let's dig in:

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