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I'm a biologist with a MSc in plant physiology and a PhD in plant biochemistry and molecular biology. My current interests are

Wow this is major news! If this is executed smoothly it is a big step forward for equitable #openaccess


Wow, good move!

From today, primary research from authors from over 70 LICs or LMICs accepted for publication in either Nature or one of the Nature research journals can be published Gold open access at no cost



No OnE nO kNoWs WhY

- Bureaucrats killing science
- incentives to be productive and not creative
- selection of toxic and/or mediocre individuals for permanent positions
- research councils throwing away tons of ideas
- environment leading to high rates of depression and anxiety


Humanity has historically eaten 6,000 plants; now we eat mostly NINE: This is a great (scary) story from Bloomberg on how global diets have converged on a few crops in a few decades – with many alarming implications. Well told (super smart graphics!) #food #climate

Does this look like a beating heart to anyone else?

This NASA animation of surface #temperatures (warmer in red, cooler in blue) shows the spread of cold #Arctic air over much of the U.S. in late December 2022.

Hey! An update. I've actually made such a Bioinformatics-centered server (see the message I'm replying to!). You can join here:

Boosts are very welcome, even if you're not interested. Thank you!

I'm going to re-tag this: #bioinformatics #discord #algorithm #datascience #tools #r #python #genomics #transcriptomics #multiomics #lab #collaboration #academia #computerscience #biology #science

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I developed a tool to show you your twitter friends on #mastodon:

👉 All data stays in your browser
👉 No CSV import neccesary
👉 List can be sorted by sign-up date, so that you can find new accounts fast

Welcome to Laniakea, your galactic supercluster home

Meet Laniakea, a really big, beautiful supercluster of galaxies that also holds the Milky Way, writes reporter Amina Khan for the Los Angeles Times:

“This is what I’ve been doing for a long time, trying to understand where we live” said R. Brent Tully, lead author of the study published in Nature.

#universe #cosmology #laniakea #astronomy #astrophysics #space #science #research #scicom #physics #astrodon #galaxies

@Gargron turns down VC investment for Mastodon, bless him.
That's not to say that there are not investment needs & opportunities atop the Fediverse: back-end (there are already hosting services; I could see others for storage, moderation, etc.) & front-end options for users (e.g., recommendation services).
I also hope for philanthropic investment in the Fediverse to, for example, build forks that would develop needs for specific communities (e.g., Black Twitter).

meanwhile in the is engaging in anti-science conspiracy propaganda 🙆🏻🧟🙇🏻🤦🏻

Second ever Asgardian bacterium isolated. Amazing bit of science - are we finally homing in on the "simple" cells from which all complex life arose? This really is huge.

Report back from Twitter filter fuzzing.

What Twitter is blocking

Twitter is filtering links to known Mastodon instances, but still allows direct links to
Twitter also allows linking to shortened URLs of mastodon profiles, but only once. Posting the shortened URL a second time doesn't work, implying there's some backend queue service that's checking the Location header of links and flagging the ones redirecting to Mastodon instances.

How to evade the filters

Email address spam evasion techniques work. Replacing '.' with '.' or [.] or [dot] all work.
URI encoding the hostname. Replace at least one of the characters in the hostname with the URI encoded version (ex: -> https://infosec%2Eexchange). Browsers are smart enough to URI decode anything you copy/paste into the address bar.
data: URIs. Twitter does not seem to check base64 encoded data: URIs. It is possible to create a data:text/html;base64,... base64 encoded HTML URI which can be copied into the address bar and will render as HTML. While Twitter will not render data: URIs (for obvious reasons), you can still copy/paste them (at your own risk, of course).
Base64. This seems silly, but we could communicate freely on Twitter by simply Base64 encoding our tweets.

Twitter's anti-Mastodon filtering is clown shoes amateur hour.🤡​
#twitter #birbsite #censorship #filtering #evasion #elmo #muskrat

This map shows only people. It is a beautiful illustration of where people are concentrated.

If you squint, you can see Australia and New Zealand.

Map by Alasdair Rae
Third in a 🧵 of #2022TopToots

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There are many legitimate reasons to track Elon Musk's flight coordinates, for example to offer him ads more relevant to his interests

To add:
This is federal level.
There are official state instances as well, like bawü.social/about
And Europe joins :)

And we find more and more libraries and universities here :)

Fun fact, German DPO even speaks of fediverse.

This is significant ...

The German office for data protection and freedom of information hosts the official #Mastodon server for government departments

They are now calling for all ministries on the server to put their focus on Mastodon

They are also asking ministries which are not yet on Mastodon to join as soon as possible

news about arbitrary suspension of journalists on Twitter is worrying. EU’s Digital Services Act requires respect of media freedom and fundamental rights. This is reinforced under our @elonmusk should be aware of that. There are red lines. And sanctions, soon

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