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Recent investigations have brought to light the fact that over the past year, multiple fake NES prototypes claiming to be unreleased regional variants were sold. The following games have been faked include: Dig Dug II, Ms. Pac-Man, Othello, Mario Bros, and Lode Runner. (Thread).

Fresh install of PopOS! Now to remove some of the preinstalled software and replace for more up to date versions. #PopOS #Linux

So it thinks that “elongate” is unacceptably violent, but “enslave” is totally fine.


There's a new academic search engine out there called Scinapse.

Tagline: "We're better than Google Scholar. We mean it."


For years, I'm trying to find out whatever happened to the game "Virtually Board Snowboarding II" for the #Nokia N-Gage that was pushed hard as a launch title and then suddenly disappeared from all ads and press material after mid-2003 - never to be heard of again.

If someone knows anyone who worked on the game back then, please let me know!

#RetroGaming #ngage

Personally, I wish that the "code red" response that ChatGPT inspired at Google wasn't to launch a dozen AI products that their red teams and AI ethicists have warned them not to release, but to combat the tsunami of AI-generated SEO spam bullshit that's in the process of destroying their core product. Instead, they're blissfully launching new free tools to generate even more of it.

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Not even 24h and I’ve fallen in love with my new #MacBookAir M2.. perfect size. Replaces my previous combination of iPad Pro M2 and iMac M1.
#Apple really made being productive my hobby.

The Noble Intention event is really tiny. But there is some cool stuff to win in there.

beat GOD OF WAR over the weekend. just a terrific game, start to finish. father/son storyline was incredibly moving.

have now started RAGNAROK. intrigued by a handful of game changes in the sequel, particularly the fact the “Codex” is now from Kratos’s POV? #gaming #videogames #GoW

If you want to find all the information i’ve built up on #RetroComputing / #VintageComputing and #RetroGaming /#VintageComputing then you can search on my website, you can even search by processor and manufacturer re-enthused.com

Twitch today is all about ! Look at the viewers compared to everything else. HUGE!

A comprehensive map of all countries that use the MMDDYYYY date format

git commit -am "regretting my choices for the past couple hours"

Have we really not yet standardized a “lttp:” protocol for linking to resources from The Wayback Machine? You know, a link to the past.

If I ever open a Fish and Chips shop in Bogotá I’m going to call it “British Colombia”.

I used to complain about my hair until I met a man with no head.

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