Elon Musk to be first human Neuralink chip implant recipient so he can remember the names of all of his children.

Just a SCANIA V8. Because 🙂

It was parked outside the ice rink.

moronic tweet from jack 

love how jack and elon post stuff like this without realizing (somehow?) that they own and control entire social "media" apps. just brutal self owns

it's so important to have at least one computer that works but you literally do not really understand why

What do you think of the theory that many forced return to offices are done in lieu of layoffs? Companies hoping people will willfully quit rather than having to fire employees?

I’m wondering if the password crackdown will spark a piracy revival. The days of Napster all over again.

@dmoser It's an incorrect attribution, wrong Colombian politician, it was Enrique Peñalosa instead: kottke.org/21/11/where-the-ric

Poll: Are you a macOS, MS-Windows or Linux or *BSD user? Please boost for reach. TIA.

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