All the talk about a certain nonsense Amiga related Kickstarter has me thinking of this...

“Becoming Filipino” Canadian vlogger Kyle 'Kulas' Jennermann interview with CNN Philippines. (2023-06-05)

Trivia: He visited/toured/vlogged every single province in the Philippines.


(The interview was in mixed Filipino and English.)

He more likely knows more about the Philippines than majority of the Filipino people!

#Philippines #Filipino #Citizenship #Kulas #BecomingFilipino #vlogger

To elaborate a little more you see this in every market sector, you get car buyers saying that "x car is pointless" because their Suzuki Celerio does the same thing.

Sure the Celerio takes you to the shops and back, but does it do it the same way? Did it park itself? Did it tow a 3.5-tonne trailer last week? Did it drive itself down the motorway?

No. There's nothing wrong with the Suzuki Celerio, but it isn't the same thing as a vehicle that costs 10 times as much.

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Someone just told me that is "an iPhone on your face." This misses the point of what Apple Vision Pro as a product provides.

At its core, Apple Vision Pro is an immersive computing experience that goes beyond what a traditional VR headset can offer. It features a high-resolution display, advanced sensors, and powerful software that work together to create a truly unique user experience.

It features a number of sensors that work together to track the user's head movements, hand gestures, eyes and voice commands. This allows users to interact with the Vision Pro in a natural and intuitive way that to date no other consumer VR experience does.

Finally, the Vision Pro is powered by Apple's M2 chip, which is one of the most powerful chips on the market!

In short, Apple Vision Pro is not just an iPhone on your face. It is an immersive computing experience that is unlike anything else on the market. It is aimed at prosumers who are looking for a powerful and versatile device that can help them create, collaborate, and explore in new and exciting ways.

Interesting article on EVs. On a personal level and leaving the environmental benefits or drawbacks aside, electric motors are more suited to the job of powering a car. They have a lot of low down torque, need less maintenance, are less complex with many less moving parts, are quiet, theres no risk of water intake off road, etc… even if they were worse environmentally I’d argue they are still the premium option.

I’m going to say something controversial. isn’t too expensive if you want to experience the future today, it isn’t for the masses. It is kind of an early experience of the future, an early adopter’s toy that’s going to be a tonne of fun and a incredible experience for them. Personally I’m not interested until there’s a cheaper version for the masses, but if you are that early adopter wanting your fun now I don’t think $3500 is too much to pay for what this is.

In a world of generated code, your hand-crafted vanilla coded software is precious.

I love that Apple uses "machine learning" instead of "AI." That feels way more honest about what is going on under the hood and helps avoids personification.

Will I buy some fancy new AR goggles? No.

Am I interested to see how the technology develops further so that I might buy fancy AR goggles in the future? Yes.

LOL. Linux user uses Nouveau drivers instead of the binary Nvidia drivers. 🤣 You need the official driver for gaming, ML, CUDA, etc. There is no alterntive.

Teacher: William Shakespeare is credited with the invention of over 1,700 words. He was a linguistic genius.

Student: Can I make up words and use them in my papers?

Teacher: Absolutely fucking not.

I think for only the third time ever I’ve had to block someone on here. If the new Apple product has done nothing it’s shown up someone who complained so much about it that they become the No.1 source of toots about it on my feed but finally hit the end point with the ‘you shouldn’t buy expensive things when there are poor people’ which is right up there with calling someone Hitler in an argument

Anyone local (Halifax, NS) have any interest in an old Commodore 64 with accessories? As far as I know it still works, though I expect a fair number of the floppies don't. No adapter for a modern tv, but those are fairly easy to come by. Free to a good home. I can probably ship it elsewhere, though it's not light, lol.

#RetroGaming #Halifax

I’ve had to block mention of the new mega technology corporations new head mounted device, ironically not because of pro-Apple accounts, but because of the people with hot takes about how it’s going to usher in a privacy hellscape, or various takes on what humorous thing it looks like or, the standard whenever Apple does a product release, how you should hate Apple and only idiots waste their money on them. My entire feed is full of them

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