It turns out that 9 years ago I had a Raspberry Pi driven fish tank. I don't recall this!!! But I posted this exactly 9 years ago.

How management can help in these situations is by either changing the deadlines or the deliverables but instead…

Unlike all of those videos of Boston Dynamics robots that look like something out of Terminator, Disney researchers are designing robots with the cute mannerisms and emotive capabilities of WALL-E.

It’s not just about getting a robot to walk.

“At Disney…our robots may have to strut, prance, sneak, trot, or meander to convey the emotion that we need them to.” said Disney research scientist Morgan Pope

Check out the video in the article. The robot is genuinely cute.

Games, old-fashioned controllers lacking features and performance aside, there's something special about the tiny size of the and

I just like the tiny machines.

So here we have #Unity trying to launder its (well-deserved) tarnished reputation by getting rid of the CEO (with an absurd golden parachute that should've been 0 for gross incompetence) but without making any meaningful changes to their licensing.

As expected of corposcum pushing #proprietary software.

I'll admit I feel rejected... I got second most kills, we got the victory.... and boom, out... 🤷‍♂️

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The $180 Intel Arc A580 is Team Blue’s new budget GPU - Can’t wait to put a Sparkle Orc into my computer. | Image:... -

I'm Diamond I in which is one tiny step away from Grand Master. This game is sooooooooooo addictive, the rewards have been designed to keep you hooked. 😀 Which is admittedly kind of concerning.

I could have made it if the Iraqi squad I was with didn't boot me out or leave 😔 we were doing well, but I didn't speak the language. Maybe they didn't like that...

This rank is for Deathmatch, on Battle Royal I'm Diamond II, so one down.

It hasn't been long, but I'm growing kind of dependent on LLMs for basic tasks like answering emails.

The EU has issued a warning to Elon Musk over disinformation on Twitter about the Hamas attack on Israel. If Twitter does not comply it can face a fine of 6% of its global revenues (i.e. $44,000).

Elon is about to find out that “free speech” actually costs a lot, in fines, in the EU.

I wonder if there’s an appetite for a news based improv podcast? And do I know enough stand ups to make a few episodes?

That's it. Done and done.

a) all Twitter integration removed from

b) posted a call to action and a farewell to the #coffeecommunity on Twitter as my last post and thread.

Roblox has officially launched on PlayStation and is now available on PS5 and PS4 through a PS4 app, check out the details for yourself here. #Roblox

The Amiga 1200 is going to look badass on the 21" Trinitron CRT monitor.

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