"TDD is a process that encorporates failure."
~Marc [participant at GDCCR]

@gregorriegler Somehow this triggered a memory of finding a test that failed once a year, ignored by everyone.

If we need to write tests, and need to write them /fast/, do we still have tests, to a positive definition?

Sorry if this is unsuitable, i will delete it if requested. Just spamming what is on my mind.

@admitsWrongIfProven Please don't delete. Questions are the best. I practice TDD where I drive all production code through a failung test. This means I write a failing test first. And only after that, I write the code to make it pass. This ends up me spending more time writing the test - going slow, thinking about the design. The writing of the test is the act of designing here. So in my workflow, there is no "write the tests fast". The tests are first class, and they come first. The production code is what I try to write fast to get to green quickly.

The fixing of a flaky test that fails once a year will pay at one point. Assume how long it will take you to fix it, and the cost of the failure, and do the math.

@gregorriegler I saw a long line of customers push me to do do test on the quick (not committing that tests are worth the time, just demanding them), and i never once had the chance to actually do TDD.
I once saw a video of someone doing TDD on a tiny piece of demo code, and i was amazed how much time one can spend on doing things well. Of course as long as the code is not used in practice, any calculation of benefit would be unrealistic.
I saw how bad it can get (takes a week to add a simple button), so what i know are the extremes, and younger code that merely did not accumulate the technical debt to go bad.

So what i am actually wondering is how this would play out if we plotted time to implement over code age for different testing strategys - no tests, quick tests, TDD.

@admitsWrongIfProven If you want to try TDD right now, we have a remote event running for the next 24hours and its free to join. We're practicing TDD, in different languages and groups. It's a very open and friendly environment. Just send me a DM and I will provide you with the Access.

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