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Hosting another Coding Dojo Friday at ebcont.
We're working on the RPG Combat Kata. Awesome people, lots of fun! 😀

To accelerate 2023 planning each manager will receive 9 copies of "The Mythical Man Month"

System design is contextual design — it is inherently about boundaries (what’s in, what’s out, what spans, what moves between), and about tradeoffs. It reshapes what is outside, just as it shapes what is inside.

(Not new; reusing a tweet :) …)

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🚀 Just released v4.1.1!
- Fixes mob showing the wrong executable name in windows
- mob now makes use of `--push-option=ci.skip` when pushing
- mob now warns you when your git version is too old

Hey everybody, I would like to invite you to join our public mob where we work on an opensource web-ui for the Mob-Programming-RPG.
We meet every thursday between 17:00 and 20:00 CET
Find the code here:
Feel free to contact me if you would like to join, or just show up.
You can find all the information in the projects readme.

The Clearest Image of Jupiter ever taken by Juno spacecraft

Quiet and independent planning-ahead and design-thinking is an antipattern to , as it leads to diverging goals. Learn to plan and design out loud within a team. Communicate everything.

T+2d1h26M: And that's a WRAP for 48H #gdcr2022!

Thank you to the coaches & participants from USA, Germany, Pakistan, New Zealand, Vietnam, S Africa, India...

Finished off with ~2h of decompress & retro, reflecting on +ve/-ve observations, ideas and suggestions
... for next time.

And there will be a next time!

H/T to fellow facilitators in the fediverse

"TDD is a process that encorporates failure."
~Marc [participant at GDCCR]

@evanisnor @gergelyorosz
Yes, it is hard. And is one of the few really deep skills that need intentional practice, along with testing.

If you're keen on a space to practice, and a space invite others, it's Global Day of Code Retreat this weekend.

Bob Allen, @gregorriegler and a group of us are running a 48h multi-timezone continuous remote pairing and mobbing coderetreat.

Join for a while if you can, invite a friend or meet new ones!

When a problem occurs, remind people not to fix each others behavior but the hazardous environment that enabled it in the first place.
Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.
This cultural thing is grounded deep down in held beliefs and takes deliberate effort to overcome.

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