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If you live in , your medical provider's name is likely on this full-page ad in @sltrib.
The ad challenges the need for abortion restrictions... and appears alongside an op-ed by an @elpcoslc resident & multiple letters to the editor from physicians across the state.

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Hey prof twitter - what tools are you using for real-time engagement with students in big classes? I'm doing my first big lectures in a while, and want to do polling, open ended questions, etc. in realtime during class. Any tools you especially like?

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Simulation Intelligence: Towards a New Generation of Scientific Methods

SFI Pres. David Krakauer co-authored roadmap for the development
& integration of the essential algorithms necessary for a merger of scientific computing, scientific
simulation, & AI:

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1/ Some advice for early career researchers on sharing your work. A small thread -->

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Primera Conferencia Chilena de Redes Sociales - Llamado a presentar ponencias (jueves 5 y viernes 6 de enero del 2023)!! Formato híbrido (Santiago, Chile). Postula tu ponencia en el siguiente formulario: docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAI
@lista_redes @SocNetAnalysts @redcompleja

Hey, pkg devs, we are trying , and it seems that tags won't work like they do with . Is this a thing? cc @Emil_Hvitfeldt

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Dear colleagues, I'm recruiting a contract Data Scientist (funded through Nov 2023). Full-time remote, 53/hr, benefits, US-only, West coast hours. Ideal candidate has M.S. degree and Python or R experience. Please DM me or email jobs@jonathanchang.org if you have any questions.

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Vanderbilt Sociology is hiring. Two tenure track assistant professor positions: environmental sociology and computational sociology.

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We are seeking nominations for candidates interested in serving on the INSNA Board, including Board Delegates and the President. You must be a member of INSNA to nominate and be nominated, details insna.org/news/seeking-nominat (access for members only).

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First release {r2c}, a new experimental pkg to convert* R to C for blazing fast group statistics. Lots of caveats, but pretty exciting IMO.


* (a small but useful subset of)


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Want to help build a tool to promote open science and reproducible research? Then join my team at gesis😊

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INSNA is now accepting proposals from individuals or teams to host the 2024 Sunbelt Conference.
insna.org/prospective-conferen for instructions on submitting a bid as well as the Sunbelt Guidelines and the Sunbelt Conference Budget Template.

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Need political network data?

Now incidentally + backbone = custom US Congress networks
▪️US House or Senate
▪️2003 to present
▪️By policy area
▪️Binary or signed
▪️Bill & legislator attributes

Here's how 👉 cran.r-project.org/web/package

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A DiD update. I've been editing my nonlinear DiD paper and I have posted a working paper here:


It's actually more up to date than the latest version of the linear paper.

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This is unscientific but I’m curious…

How many times, to your knowledge, have you had Covid-19 so far?

Interested in bandwidth perf between host and device?

This video by @tjdeakin shows the results of a benchmark that compares memory bandwidth on different hardware and programming models.

It is shown that has the best portable performance!


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