iPhone XS Max slipped out of my hands at Walgreens (I made the mistake of juggling too much stuff). I tried to catch it, juggled it up into the air.

It ultimately hit the floor, face first, from about 6 feet in the air. **THWACK**

Not a scratch on it. Screen looks in perfect condition to me. I know I got lucky, but I’m still a little impressed.

Also I have and highly recommend AppleCare+. It’s saved my butt on a few accidents over the years. Plus, now there is a theft and loss option.

@chartier Are you saying this happened with an unprotected screen? I dropped my iPhone 6s on concrete and only got a little of the corner damaged. I have a friend who just dropped his X on concrete and his screen is intact too. It might not be common, per se, but it's not that rare.

@hashtaggrammar Yes. I don’t use screen protectors or a case. I like the feel of the device by itself too much.

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