lmfao, one of the abusers still thinks the can message me and try to change something, wow, the daftness, there's no end

i never wanted it to be like this. i wanted to have fun. it's not fun for me. I'm so tired

i ain'ts gots duh time for bullshit, dawgettieo's

i fight for my life every single fucking day

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Amnesty International: "As #COP25 kicks off and governments pledge action against the climate crisis, we’d like you to listen to Marinel, someone who’s witnessed first-hand the terrifying effects of climate change in the Philippines.

[:tw: tweets.newsbots.eu/amnesty/sta#humanrights #news #bot]

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Suddenly the clouds started to break up, and on the far hills there was clearly some sunshine.

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apparently mastodon is a lot like rudy giuliani

i couldn't even make this shit up, they just keep going

wow, he does not stop to even consider respect either, wow

who cares if there's only a few folks

talk about being a jackass full of bullshit, holy cow

there's like 8 people on this instance

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