I greatly dislike how Mastodon users never like/favorite posts “because it doesn’t do anything for the algorithm.” I’ll see posts with hundreds of reblogs/retoots and not a single favorite. I never ‘like’ content for any algorithm, I ‘like’ it so the OP knows I enjoyed the post. It’s still a meaningful way to support content even if it doesn’t feed the algorithm.

Anyways, I hope Mastodon becomes a better experience, since a certain egomaniac billionaire has killed the bird app.


Our paper on using #Tiktok as a tool for #scicomm is finally out in the Journal of Geoscience Communication. It’s open access, which means that anyone can read it - you don’t need a subscription to the journal to access it. It also has a video abstract (below) so be sure to check it out!

Mad props to @its_sedimentary for all of her excellent work on this!


I’m very excited to be giving a talk on The Garden on Tuesday, November 29 (7:30 pm GMT / 12:30 pm MST) about the East African Rift System and how environmental dynamics may have shaped human evolution!


Setting up on here sooner rather than later, looking for and !

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