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Sudden DECREASE IN AIR POLLUTION improves HEALTH immediately & over 3 yrs

Pittsburgh: a highly polluting coke plant is suddenly closed

- Emergency visits for cardiovascular disease decreased 42% immediately, continued over 3 yrs

- No change in control

I see alot of procedural (aka surgical) #masks on the streets in downtown Toronto. It makes me sad to see people who care enough to do something, not know what to do to stay safe: #WearARespirator

Here is a great overview from @jljcolorado

"A mask is not a Mask: Why Some Facemasks are Better than Others"

Excelente explicación del Dr. José Luis Jiménez, @jljcolorado, explicando las medidas básicas de protección contra el virus #COVID19 Finally an accessible article I can share with the co-workers who are wondering if I'm nuts for walking around with a CO2 monitor.

Germicidal UV: a tradeoff between disinfection and indoor smog

A Substack (blog) post with a first estimate of the magnitude of the tradeoff.

TLDR: still uncertain, but GUV smog is likely to be a significant concern, needs to be carefully evaluated.

"Germicidal UV lamps: A trade-off between disinfection and air quality"
Modeling shows that with poorly ventilated spaces, #UVGI can create secondary compounds, some that may be harmful.

My take: Best to add UV to spaces with at least moderate #ventilation & #filtration, not as a substitute.

New from Zhe Peng, Shelly L. Miller & @jljcolorado

The first black child ever allowed to attend a white school is only 68 years old now.
White parents pulled their children from school. White teachers refused to teach her.
Ruby Bridges now works as an activist & public speaker
This wasn’t a million years ago. /1

RT @who
Every child has the right to #vaccines!
#VaccinesWork & protect against:
Cervical cancer
Hep B
Jap. encephalitis
Yellow Fever

Given what's going on on Twitter, I am going to try to move some of my key threads (on which I put a lot of effort, and that have some historical value) to Substack.

Just started, it does take some work:

Article: How to think like an aerosol scientist this holiday season to stay healthy
(listen/read #accessibility)

By John Daley & Paolo Zialcita
Ft. Professor Jose-Luis Jiminez @jljcolorado
Nov 16/22, CPR News
#SARSCoV #COVIDisAirborne #IAQ #COVID19 #pandemic #flu #RSV #CO2 #PublicHealth #BringBackMasks #ChooseARespirator

Hi #introduction from me..!
I'm a Prof of Operational Research at UCL & member of Independent SAGE.
As such, I've been tweeting about Covid for 2.5 yrs now so expect more of that here!
Plus occasional forays into politics, women in science, general science & stuff about London.
Hope I get the hang of it soon!

Hi All,

🧀Version 5.4 of my adaptation of a Swiss cheese risk reduction graphic (not really a 'model'), applied to any respiratory virus but drawn and evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic.

🧀Story of the image up to ver4.2 is on my blog:

🧀Editable files for making translations are (check if one made already though!):


In 1938, Guy Callendar was the first person to use observations of temperature from across the world to demonstrate that the land areas were warming.

He also collated CO2 measurements to show that atmospheric CO2 levels were increasing.

And he also showed that the expected warming from the increase in CO2 was at least half of the observed warming.

The theory was understood much earlier, but this was the first attribution of observed climate change.

84 years ago.

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