Only in do you need 10+ years of excelling at University, with experience (publications) for your first "entry level" job.

I don't think "entry level" means what you think it means.

Job ad: PostDoc Computational Metabolomics – Kiel Germany 

Do you enjoy #ComputerScience and want your work to have an impact on #plants #microbiome research?

Join the team of Eva Stukenbrock and me in #Kiel as a #PostDoc! Fully funded #job for 3 years in a beautiful place.

Apply ➡️

(Photo: Jürgen Haacks / #KielUni)

Efficient -based platforms will trigger the next industrial revolution.

Just getting my prediction out there before it happens. ☀️🦠🧬

So... Any positions working with being advertised on Mastodon? I'm ready to science!

Hello . Is there a community on Mastodon yet?
I'd love to connect! I'm a newly minted with an interest in cyanobacterial .
Currently looking for a in Europe

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