Terrible news, Chethan Pandarinath posted on Twitter that Krishna Shenoy has died. He had long been battling cancer. A huge leader in the field, developing BCI and unraveling motor cortical dynamics, and as kind, generous, and gentle a soul as you could hope to meet.

Does anyone have expertise in EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) and how effective it is, as opposed to more standard approaches or other approaches, for trauma w/ flashbacks and related symptoms? Need info for a family member. Thank you.

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Please amplify Susan’s request to @UHC@twitter.com. This needs more daylight.

UnitedHealthcare: one of your underwriters is handing Susan (@Perri4health@twitter.com) a death sentence by not covering her treatment, against the judgement of her oncologist.

Fix it now.

Everyone with a conscience

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And based on what's happened the past 48 hours on Twitter... think forward

Imagine - say - Washington Post revealed abuse of workers at a Tesla plant in Shanghai

What would happen?

Would it be dealt with fairly? Now I really doubt it. The reporter(s) would get blocked, and links to the story flagged.

Twitter is no longer a reliable and predictable place for news and the first take on the news.

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So @.joinmastodon got unbanned from Twitter.

This is the first tweet that they sent after the unbanning:

"As a company from eastern Germany, we know that building a wall to try and keep people from leaving isn't a good idea."

What a response!

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UPDATE: The tweets by @TwitterSupport@twitter.com this morning, announcing a new policy banning linking to competing websites, have been deleted.

The policy itself was deleted from Twitter’s website.

Apparently Twitter has removed the tweets announcing the new no-links-to-outside-social-media policy and musk has said they will only be forbidding users that exist purely to promote alternate sites. He's also put up polls asking if they should allow such users and whether he should continue as ceo, sounds like he's planning to quit. So sounds like Mastodon links won't be coming down after all.

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Since twitter is now banning having mastodon usernames in your bio, they won't be in bios much longer. So this is a good time to take a last sweep through your followers with fedifinder, debirdify, and twitodon, all of which will find your twitter follows that list mastodon usernames in their bio. You can then output a csv file that you can then import to add anyone you're currently missing (to import, go to 'edit profile', 'export and import', 'import', and be sure to click 'merge' so it will merge these lists with your existing follows rather than replacing your existing follows.

Twitter's new screamingly antitrust-violating policy against linking to or providing your username on any other social media platform (including Mastodon). Illegal, but I doubt the Biden administration will challenge them. (And if they did, it would be a years-long legal battle, tho perhaps DOJ could win an early injunction.)

It's a good thing musk wasn't born in the United States. He'd be running for president, and he could out-trump trump

A few weeks ago I had a conversation on twitter with Florian Engert about whether activity plays a role in normal neural development, that some of you may have seen. Florian doesn't seem to be on mastodon. I just (after gap of several weeks) made what I think is a last response to Florian. Some of you might be no longer monitoring twitter yet be interested in this, so I thought I'd point to it here: twitter.com/kendmil/status/159

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Now that #COSYNE2023 abstracts are in I want to announce a #CIFAR workshop on #cognition, #AI and #consciousness that will take place *the day before COSYNE* (March 8) here at #Mila.


We have a great line-up and registration is *free*!

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With happening, two resources I've found:
(1) twitodon.com: register with them to link your twitter and mastodon accounts. Then it will find (and output an importable .csv of) the mastodon addresses of all of your twitter follows that have registered with them. The more of us that register, the better it works.
(2) fedifinder.glitch.me/: put your mastodon address in your twitter bio. Then fedifinder will find all your twitter follows (or followers, or lists) who have put their mastodon address in their twitter bio, and output a .csv of them as above.
(To import the csv: edit profile -> import and export -> import, and be sure that 'merge' is clicked.)

Basic question from a mastodon newbie: using mastodon in my browser (qoto.org), everytime I get a message or a notification it makes a sound. I want to see my notifications but how do I turn off the sound? Thanks.

. I'm a theoretical neuroscientist at Columbia University. Primary focus on cerebral cortical circuits, both mature function and activity-dependent development (a form of learning). More general interest in intelligence & learning, e.g. neuro/AI interface, as well as long-term goal of understanding how cortex computes and analyzes and represents and learns. Also passionate about politics, and will post about that too -- coming from a belief in justice, freedom, everyone having a right to a secure and decent life and opportunities to develop and advance themselves, and in true democracy -- one person one voice, not one dollar one voice.

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