So despite being in charge and ultimately the guy who decided to get my entire company using JIRA I must admit… I hate it… As with many GUIs just way too much clicking and waiting and im too impatient.

Anyway, so I decided to install jira-cli ( ) and I cant tell you how much nicer this is, certainly improves my stress levels…

If anyone is curious this is what a full workflow from ticket creation to completion looks like for me. Keep in mind if you are on a JIRA instance that isnt customized you can probably get by with fewer steps.

myjira issue create -pSYS -tTask -s”Configure jira cli w/ aliases” -b”Add to nixos config and create some helper scripts for commands” -yHigh

myjira issue move SYS-125 Accept

myjira sprint list -pSYS

myjira sprint add 65 SYS-125 -pSYS

myjira issue edit SYS-125 –custom story-points=2 –no-input

myjira issue assign SYS-125 “”
myjira issue move SYS-125 “Start Work”

myjira issue worklog add SYS-125 2h –comment “Started reading up on the subject” –no-input

myjira issue move SYS-125 “Ready for Review” –comment “Successfully printed from lab office’s printer using shmuels computer”

myjira issue move SYS-125 “Accepted” –comment “Shmuel confirmed it is working for him now”

#Rogule 2023-3-16
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Ayn Rand cobró pensión tras oponerse durante décadas a su existencia. ¿Cambió de opinión acaso? No, simplemente era egoísta y promovía el egoísmo como única virtud.

No es que no vean la relación entre contribuir y recibir, es que no quieren contribuir pero si recibir. Y sobre todo, no quieren que los pobres reciban porque cuanto más desesperados, más tragan.

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Pi Day is a fake holiday that exploits a universal beloved mathematical constant to promote US-style date formats.

CATHOLIC CHURCH: No meat on Fridays
PEOPLE: Ok so no eggs for breakfast
CC: No, eggs are ok
P: But eggs are chicken
CC: Not until they hatch
P: So the thing isn't the thing until it's born?
CC: Correct—um, no, wait.

Results of the world’s first coordinated pilot
program for a 4 day week in 61 companies with 2,900 workers in the UK are astounding.

Companies continuing with 4 day week: 92%
Average revenue vs last year: +35%
Improved physical health: 37%
Improved mental health: 43%
Absenteeism: decreased
Employee attrition: -57%
Reduced burnout: 71%
Reduced stress: 39%
Better sleep: 40%
Hiring: easier

#4DayWorkWeek #labor ✊🌹

@olivia Spot on:

“Chomsky sees the use of ChatGPT as “basically high-tech plagiarism” and “a way of avoiding learning.” He likens its rise to that of the smartphone: many students “sit there having a chat with somebody on their iPhone. One way to deal with that is to ban iPhones; another way to do it is to make the class interesting.””

#science #academia #ChatGPT

This is the kind of librarian I work to be every day. From the Unshelved comic strip.

"I love the sound policy makes when I break it."

#librarians #books #reading #literacy

Final results on this National Ranking on Madrid, Spain.

After passing bouts (poules) got number 126 out of 209.

The first 16 got extent to next day, so I got into 128 table (competition with direct elimination), matching against the number 35. 😰

Unfortunately I haven't won't that match, so I'm heading to the shower 😂

#fencing #competition

Este curioso artilugio es un "resucitador de canarios", una jaula usada por los mineros del carbón desarrollada a finales del siglo XIX. Los mineros les acababan pillando cariño a los pajaritos, así que idearon una jaula conectada a un tanque de oxígeno. Cuando advertían que el canario estaba inconsciente, la jaula se sellaba y se abría el tanque, reanimando al animal.

Intentando subir un lavavajillas a Wallapop. La subida de fotos es totalmente inaccesible para lectores de pantalla. Se ve que los ciegos no vendemos cosas. Ni tocando el dom he conseguido subirlas. Y este tipo de barreras, un día sí y otro también. Si los desarrolladores supiesen lo jodido que es esto y que hay vida más allá del ratón, otro gallo cantaría. Por eso es tan importante la formación y la concienciación en accesibilidad. #A11D

Here is your regular reminder that 90% of the articles I read would have been improved if authors had read and followed the Journal Article Reporting Standards Guidelines exists from a range of quantitative to qualitative research. If you are close to submitting a paper, go through the checklists and add what you have missed to improve your submission!

“Satire is meant to ridicule power. If you are laughing at people who are hurting, that’s not satire, it’s bullying.”
-Terry Pratchett.

@smach @drdrago @nowosad There is also viridis package that has colorblind-friendly palettes:

Also, I myself have manually collected a list of colorblind-friendly palettes. All of it is accessible via a simple function. You just tell it how many colors you need and it will pick the palette that fits you most (you can use show=T to visualize colors easily):

Las personas más ricas son las que más contaminan dentro de una ciudad (y fuera también, aunque sus efectos se noten menos) y las personas más pobres son quienes más sufren los impactos negativos de esa contaminación.

Esto es cierto para todo tipo de sociedad de media o alta desigualdad social (que son todas, por cierto), para todo tipo de urbanismo y para todo tipo de regímenes políticos. Toma ya.

En algún momento entre ahora mismo y dentro de una década publicaré una batería de artículos de chorrocientas palabras con una lista de docenas de artículos con estas movidas. Esto son solo pinceladas.

Ah, y será gratis y CC. 😘

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