This is how long it took from Stage 1 submission to IPA for each of my Registered Reports.

It would have been easier to plan if I'd have had an idea of review speed by journal. You can now find out information on both review speed and quality at @benmeg's RR Community Feedback:

#RegisteredReports #OpenScience #OpenResearch

I find it amazing how quickly academic Twitter has ceased to be. All the interesting stuff seems to be at Mastodon these days. So now that we're at it: could we maybe also just get rid of academic publishers by massively defecting to diamond open access journals?

Today we're launching Registered Reports Community Feedback - a site to better understand authors' and reviewers' experience of the Registered Reports peer review process:

The broad goal is to collect data regarding how well various aspects of the Registered Reports process are implemented across academic journals.

#Metascience #RegisteredReports #RegisteredReport #PeerReview #OpenScience


very excited about this new work! TemplateFlow is a repository for human and other brain templates and atlases, which operates under the FAIR principles.

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'If you want a picture of academic publishing, imagine a boot stamping on a taxpayer's face – for ever.'

Does anyone else experience URL verification issues on None of the two links where I placed the link back seem to pan out?

In my previous work studying Parkinson's Disease (PD), I was fascinated by freezing of gait, a phenomenon where people with PD become "frozen" in place while trying to take a step during walking or turning.

Researchers in this recent paper identified that theta oscillations in the midfrontal area of the brain may be involved in these freezing of gait symptoms, contributing to our understanding the mechanisms of freezing.

#Neuroscience community already has such a dynamic presence on mastodon! The migration from twitter has been impressive!

#Psychiatry #Psychology #Medicine seem to be quite behind in comparison! Come on folks, get it together!

Javier Díaz-Nido  
Multimodal neuroimaging in post-COVID syndrome and correlation with cognition. Post-COVID syndrome patients presented persistent structural and fun...

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- Imagine reviewers comment on your paper as in e.g., GDocs and you just click on "accept" for the obvious ones?
- Or each morning you get a curated 'newspaper' of the most relevant publications.
- Publishing an artcile happens automatically when all authors have clicked "submit".


What we have today is so bad, by current technical standards, that the list of improvements is very, very long!

An #introduction to eLife's new Mastodon page!

We're an #OpenAccess not-for-profit journal that publishes and reviews #research in the life and biomedical sciences.

We want to improve the way research is practised and shared in part by working with early-career researchers #ECR and supporting #OpenSource technology.

We also just announced our new publishing model that we hope will tackle an overreliance on journal titles and publishing decisions as quality measures for science and scientists.

@scottbarolo @bookstodon Philtrum is often overlooked when it’s right under one’s nose. 😉

A lovely quote from 2019 from Michael Gerson, who just died: "Faith, thankfully, does not preclude doubt. It consists of staking your life on the rumor of grace."

Linked from this moving eulogy:

Everyone please be aware that the service we used to use that provided tickers went down and doesnt plan to go back up.. This unfortunately slows down the default theme.

As such I switched the default theme to the no-ticket theme and this works just fine. However im not sure it will help for people already signed up on the server.

To fix the problem please go intto your preferences and change the theme to the no-ticket theme.

Here's a brief summary of a recently published review commissioned by the Tourette Association of America on tic-like symptoms that blossomed over the past couple of years.

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Moving from Keynote to Markdown-based presentations - a new blog post about my adventure:
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