@EnigmaVoice @kif @dettlaff нет, это плохой пересказ моих слов

@dettlaff всё так, но это и хорошо, не добавлять же в ps закруглённые уголки и их настройки

It should do the planning in interactive manner. For example, first by asking what do you certainly want to keep (packages and directories) and then what you surely want to delete. The output will be a set of adjustable cleanup plans (the user should be able to compare the tradeoffs).

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Idea for an opensource project: a disk space analyzer (like `dutree`) that is able to analyze not only directories, but also packages managed by various package managers. It should contain specialized code for each of supported PMs and give suggestions on which commands to use to free up space.
And also, some smart planning tool may be included, which might be able to answer questions like "I want to free up 100GB but keep firefox and my downloads folder intact, what to do?"

How to databend using zoom:

0) call yourself in zoom and share any image
1) run "while true; do scrot -d 1; done"
2) resize zoom call window for artifacts to appear

Example piece of art: "Memespace" by unknown content maker (who made the original image), me and zoom.

@amiloradovsky@functional.cafe very true. It gives too little guarantees because of dynamic typing.


Fascination with the internet and creative powers it unveils

"If you keep your Tamagotchi full and happy, it will grow into a cute, happy cyber creature. If you neglect Tamagotchi, it will grow into an unattractive alien."

Emacs is a time machine with which you can only travel past. To the CRT era.

Was wandering through my childhood code folder, found this piece. Marking as sensitive for a reason.

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