@amiloradovsky very true. It gives too little guarantees because of dynamic typing.


Fascination with the internet and creative powers it unveils

"If you keep your Tamagotchi full and happy, it will grow into a cute, happy cyber creature. If you neglect Tamagotchi, it will grow into an unattractive alien."

Emacs is a time machine with which you can only travel past. To the CRT era.

Was wandering through my childhood code folder, found this piece. Marking as sensitive for a reason.

Do you enter private mode when you google words you don't know?

I don't know what to write, everything I think about is either too insignificant or too personal.

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any community that gets its kicks from being actual idiots will eventually be flooded by people pretending to be idiots who mistakenly believe that they're in good company
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