Gasoline taxes reduce harmful emissions, but can be a burden for poor families. @KnittelMIT of @MITSloan and @bardwnb say there may be better options. Featured in today’s

We made this film four years ago to explain what will happen in markets. The structural bear market and collapse in liquidity we now see were always going to happen. -- When The Herd Turns -- QE buys time but doesn't fix structural problems.

This Is, Indeed, the Statistic of 2018: 90.5 Percent of Plastic Is Not Recycled 1/2 Nice to see my article on the role of energy in production getting some extra-academic coverage ...

Standard Ebooks: Free and liberated ebooks, carefully produced for the true book lover. -

Ecocide as Creative Destruction -Climate change explains less than 10% of the losses. The point isn’t to downplay climate change, but to express the breadth of the environmental crisis that the world now faces -

A Killing Season: Monsanto’s new herbicide was supposed to save U.S. farmers from financial ruin. Instead, it upended the agriculture industry, pitting neighbor against neighbor in a struggle for survival. -

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