Estuve tratando de echar a andar unos aparatos viejos, creo que va a tomar un tiempo...

I made a new wallpaper for my desktop.
It combines some scripting with and xrootgif to display random notes with information I want to memorize.
I also wanted to use some retro textures and effects reminiscent of some horror games.

Siempre se me olvidaba esta forma de multiplicar matrices en , así que me hice una nota en para buscarla cada vez que haga falta.

Sobre la pluralidad de sintaxis para el complemento de un conjunto

Definición un tanto informal de la cardinalidad en teoría de conjuntos

Me pregunto si se puede establecer una relación de identidad con la sentencia del final...

I just installed a pi-hole for my router. I was hoping it could get rid of YouTube ads on the TV, but I think it is only blocking about 1/3 of them.

I asked ChatGPT for some book recommendations based on 10 questions about me and these where the 3 books it gave me

The last time I solved a Statics problem was around 5 years ago, this problem took me the whole weekend :blobblush:

3D printing screws can be so problematic... Surely I'll get the correct tolerances tomorrow.

Alright, time to take some rest. I have a feeling that this design could have been way more simple...

It may look simple, but it took me almost 5 hours to model this part :ablobdizzy:

Today I spent some time studying some digital filters. Ideally, I should get a smooth signal (as the red one) while keeping the big valley.
For the three methods I tested I had to sacrifice some smoothness to keep the valley, or reduce the valley to get smoothness.
The filter applied from a sinc function window gave me the smoothest curve with a very similar valley to the mean filter window and the other one built with powers of 0.9.
I'm pretty sure there are other filters that could be applied, but I don't know if I'll have the time to try them.

Un poema de Alberto Blanco en "El libro de las piedras", desde sus versos hace alusión a distintos minerales, sus propiedades, y sus usos en la industria y la vida cotidiana. Creo que "EL YESO" habla de cómo se usa este material para construir figuras religiosas, pero al mismo tiempo quizás da pauta para interpretaciones más rebuscadas.

Hoy fue una odisea en el transporte público, una señora me venía pisando los zapatos, una muchacha me dió un cabezazo por accidente cuando casi se caía, y luego nos quedamos estancados en el tráfico una hora...

Mi homemade potentiostat is becoming a mess with the batteries and their new connections. Now I have to change one of the amplifiers, I'm using a 741 as placeholder but it generates too much noise.

The program "anoise" goes well with some animated GIFs as wallpapers, the sound also helps me to relax and focus as I work.

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