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Don't you hate when you try to Google search an error message and you only get 4 results. One of them is always in German and the others are usually someone asking the same question as you back in 2012 with either no answer or the poster saying "figured it out on my own".

So far, the architecture is 728x128x32x10, learning rate of 0.001 learning rate, sigmoid activation for all neurons, and using stochastic gradient descent. It's definitely lowering the error over time, but it's at such a slow rate that it'd take ~2 months to actually start guessing inputs correctly (which is definitely not ideal).

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Tricky bit is getting the architecture and settings done in such a way that it can train against the MNIST dataset within a sane amount of time on my VPS.

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Decided to finally implement a deep neural network engine from scratch.

I'm looking forward to the future where all the "basic" animals (Go Gopher, Rust Crab, etc) have already been assigned as mascots to existing programming languages and the new ones will be left with the "bottom of the barrel" options like the sea cucumber and dung beetle.

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This weekend I finally put all of my home workstations / servers on a UPS! :lightning_bolt:

The most powerful weapon you are given in video games is the ability to load from a previous save point. You may not be able to beat the boss the first time, but given enough chances you'll inevitably win.

The world has a near endless stream of options of music to listen to, a list that consists of masterpieces constructed by people who spent years working on their craft... Yet here I am listening to 10 hours of a cartoon cat singing EEEAAAOOO

Any version jump from 0.x to 1.x requires a little bit of arrogance.

On the plus side, I can work remotely until the repairs are done. Always good to be greatful for the little things.

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Related gripe, it got cold last week and snowed over the weekend which resulted in my car now needing lots of repairs.

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It is 2020 and we still don't have the technology to make mass produced and affordable cars that requires no routine maintenance to do normal highway driving.

Apparently if you only include "menuentry" fields in your grub.cfg file, it boots up in "blind mode" without any video. You learn something new everyday.

:gentleblob: Fixing a bug in your code by understanding the problem and applying a solution to the existing code
:black_block_blob: Rewriting all of your code to fix a bug because you don't trust the author

Me: Help, I have no time for my current side projects because I keep picking up new side projects.

Them: Just stop picking up new ones and work through the ones you already have?

Me: No.

Trying to optimize the code in my project to work better at scale a year into development is much easier said than done :blobmegasweats:

Finally, a version of Firefox with Picture-in-Picture built in! I've been missing this since the Test Pilot for Min Vid ended.

Balancing between my new projects and playing Skyrim on my Switch Lite has proven to be tricky.

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