Balancing between my new projects and playing Skyrim on my Switch Lite has proven to be tricky.

@lnxist hei, there, welcome!

You sound a lot like one of our locals here. Alt account, maybe?

@design_RG Nah, just stumbled across the network a few days ago, so I'm still new here.

@Sphinx @lnxist Yes, welcome indeed, Inxist.

I have some user guides in case you need them, or want to understand the network better.

If you are new to using Mastodon, there's a good guide here:

We also have another new users guide, posted here :

Casey Rollins made a video to explain the Fediverse, here :

"I made this video awhile back to help explain how the works."

Any question, just ask, and someone will try and help out.

@Sphinx @design_RG Thanks! I've been enjoying it here so far 😀

Awesome! I love the , have been spending lots of time, there's so much to see, try, learn, enjoy.


I like the concept of the , but initially had a slow start trying to find a community that fits me. So far qoto is the best match I've found.


Hi. Inxist. Would you mind if I ask where you come from?
Just curious

Geographically? I'm from the Midwest in the US.


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