It turns out that, due to the fence-post issue and time granularity, that I actually have 2 additional days of quarantine. So, in effect, it's 16, not 14 as they claim.

Not happy about this. And it's not worth fighting, because it would take longer to fight, I think.

Can I survive an additional 2 days going stir crazy? I'll let you know.

Whatever you think of this, at least you can actually SEE it. This would be censored on YouTube.

I must see BBC's War of the Worlds... but not on Netflix yet. Maybe possible through the Firestick? Maybe. I hope. The clips I've seen so far looks good. Alas, I didn't bring either Firestick with me to Poland...!!!!

Oh boy, Europeans can soon be able to travel to the US again... but would you want to?

Unless you want to tour the wakes of destruction left by the riots in nearly every major US city... 😩

Also, I will eventually be required to do some travelling for business reasons. I do NOT want to go through the hassles of re-entry to Poland, along with more 14-day quarantines. I am currently going stir-crazy not being able to just do basic shopping. Or just walking around.

So eventually we will leave Poland, and won't be back for a long time... maybe Poland's government will finally get its act together by then. Who knows?

It would seem that Poland will still keep its borders closed past June 12, with no end in sight. When my wife and I leave Poland, we will most likely not be allowed to return, so we are going to have to make some decisions about the flat we have here, her schooling, etc.

Really sad, actually, since Poland otherwise has so much to offer. But what can you do? It's like having two feet planted firmly in mid-air.

We have to make certain decisions in these uncertain times. And I will proceed with the assumption that Poland's borders will be closed at least for the rest of the year. Future plans will NOT involve Poland. Sad. So sad. Just as I've grown fond of this country.

Somehow, I find this more comforting than what's going on in the US now...

6 years ago when I left the US, I did so in part because I could smell something nasty coming in the near future. I had no idea what. I could not have predicted the details of what is now going on.

This all seems like a post-apocalyptic nightmare.

And the left has totally succeeded in Making America a Shithole Again. MASA. Oh, the ironies in that acronym...

CNN Reporter arrested on Live TV.
I could not make this stuff if I tried.

In all of the videos of store-owners trying to defend their businesses from looters or ordinary people trying to defend themselves, I've noticed a pattern: those with guns turn out fine…those without guns get BTFO.

In Poland now, with my wife. The cops have been coming by every day, demanding that I come to the window, just to check I am still here.

Just a few more days of this inerrant nonsense.

At least I am here. And I thought that only infected people are supposed to be quarantined. As far as I know, I have not been exposed to CoVID-19, and there are serological tests available to prove that. Yet Poland seems to be behind the 8-ball on this one.

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