What's the community of Research Software Engineers on Mastodon?

I know of HPC stuff at hpc.social, but haven't seen as much about RSE more specifically. I know of @us_rse @de_rse and @nordic_rse (someday), but it's not very organized yet. Any directory of follows? Also, what are relevant tags you all use: #RSE and #RSEng are split, #SciComp, #HPC ? #ResearchSoftware #OpenScience #ResearchData ?

@rkdarst @us_rse @de_rse @nordic_rse Great question and I have been wondering the same thing. Need to raise with SocRSE (UK) to get a mastodon account since they have a lot of followers in the community and that move in itself might bring a lot of people over here.

I have seen Guppe groups used for this sort of thing a.gup.pe I just created one called @researchsoftware Any toot you do that mentions that name will go out to everyone who follows that account. Kind of like an email distribution list.

There is also fedi.directory for finding lists of people to follow. We could inquire about getting an Research Software Engineering topic created on there.

@mattasdata @rkdarst @us_rse @de_rse @nordic_rse @researchsoftware

I like the idea of "groups" that one can follow. Kind of like a curated hashtag. I'm following @researchsoftware now. I also ran into chirp.social/ recently, but haven't created anything there yet.

@mattasdata @rkdarst @us_rse @de_rse @nordic_rse @researchsoftware

Hi @mattasdata and all others. There is a SocRSE (UK) Mastodon account coming in the next few days. I will make an announcement on Slack and let people know when it will be available.


thanks for the information, and good to hear this is finally happening 🙂

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