An adorable #medieval leather boot, made for a #baby too young to walk.
From Constance, dating 14th-
15th century.

On display at Archäologisches Landesmuseum Baden-Württemberg, Konstanz


Digging through my Twitter archive and found the presentation title slide of my first conference talk. Eventually became my first published paper, available here:

#archaeology #megalith #history #neolithic

* checks closet for old "replicas" *

WRITER FUEL: A “replica” sword that has been part of the collection at the Field Museum in Chicago for nearly a century is actually a 3,000-year-old artifact from the Bronze Age.

#history #archaeology #BronzeAge #sword #warrior #Turkey #FieldMuseum #WriterFuel

A marvellous scene of daily life for #ReliefWednesday: A #Roman funerary relief depicting the transport of two (wine?) barrels on a four wheeled chariot pulled by two oxen. A #dog, probably the driver's beloved companion, is sitting on the barrels.
Found in Augsburg (Augusta Vindelicum), dating early 3rd century AD. Römisches Museum Augsburg


#RomanArchaeology #archaeology

Mandan jar with paddle marks & buckskin handle from the Dakotas (Holmes 1903, Plate 175b). Holmes says that dried mush was caked in the bottom. Ceramic vessels in the Plains region are interesting because a lot of them have thick bodies, stout rims with many loop handles & often reinforced collars for the hardships of a mobile society. #ceramics #archaeology

Mastodon muss gar nicht besser werden, es reicht, dass Twitter schlechter wird.

If you're in the Woodstock area on April 1st I'll be interviewed by Alisa Kwitney for the Woodstock Book Festival. (Not an April Fool's. This will actually happen.) Tickets and info at

I have been searching for the best way to connect with all of you on a deeper level. To find a place where we can have meaningful discussions about what matters.

Enter: The Big Picture! My first piece will be released tomorrow, but first I’ve written a special letter for friends and fans all over the world.

Here's to all the diggers, ladies or not, glamorous or not. It's a tough job, unattractive by many conventional metrics, and generally they're not enjoying it half as much as those outside the profession assume they are.
Re-reproduced from Leicestershire Historian.

Children of the Ice Age

"For more than 200 years, children have been neglected by archaeologists. It was part of a disciplinary bias towards adult men in archaeological interpretations. This began to change in the 1970s and ’80s with the rise of feminist archaeology and the archaeology of gender..." cgc373 posted Aeon Magazine's article by April Nowell.

#archaeology #history #science #anthropology #paleolithic #IceAge #children #youth #AeonMagazine #AprilNowell

"Iron Age burials found under Highlands cottage kitchen"
"Human remains discovered under the floorboards of a historic beach cottage kitchen in Applecross in the west Highlands of Scotland have been confirmed to date to the Iron Age about 2,000 years ago. "
#Archaeology #History #Genealogy #Scotland #IronAge

‘Archaeologists have discovered wooden defenses surrounding an ancient Roman military base…in Bad Ems, western Germany…The spikes were mounted in a v shape onto a central post and were preserved in the water-logged soil of Blöskopf hill.’ Photo: Frederic Auth

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