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The Allard Pierson, the heritage museum of the University of Amsterdam, is starting a major investigation into the provenance of its archaeological collection. “As a museum, we want to maintain the highest ethical standards. The first step is proper provenance research into all objects in the collection. If something has been acquired illegally, we must put it right” (article in Dutch) nrc.nl/nieuws/2023/02/07/museu

Triton has legs like the tails of fish but looks distinctly masculine. In this mosaic at Brading Roman villa, Isle of Wight, UK, he holds a steering oar and what's been interpreted as a basket of oysters; these flourish around Wight.

The excellent picture is copyright David Tomalin, from his new book 'Roman Vectis: Archaeology and Identity in the Isle of Wight', available at a discount from www.romanvectis.com

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Nail examples from Site 16AV153, Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana (Green et al. 2015, Fig. 7.07): a) Hand-wrought rosehead (ca. 1731-1805); b) Hand-wrought T-head (ca. 1731-1805); c) Hand-wrought w/ flattened distal end (ca. 1769-1820); d) Machine-cut w/ stamped head (ca. 1830s-1890+). Hand-wrough nail dates from Tom Wells 1998. #Archaeology

Some objects you have to share immediately after seeing it: a Roman flask in the shape of a fish.
We don't know what flaks in the shape fishes were used for, maybe the shape relates to the content (garum/fish sauce), maybe it was used to hold oil.

On display at Pierides Museum, Larnaka, Cyprus.

Photo: Jeff Amadon via Flickr


Analyzing the residue on vessels in a 7th-6th century BC mummification workshop has given researchers insights into how the ancient Egyptians embalmed the bodies of their dead. Some of the substances were imported from the Mediterranean region, tropical Africa and Southeast Asia.



📷LMU Munich and the University of Tübingen.
Biomolecular analyses enable new insights into ancient Egyptian embalming.

Just be insult proof. Do you really think I think of it for a second when someone calls me “pointy-eared, green-blooded hobgoblin?” Firstly it’s sort of true, so I pay it no mind. If it isn’t true then I pay it no mind.
Remember that the only logical thing revealed from an insult is that the person insulting is just a terrible person and wish them well, or that they get better, or that they get the help that they need. 🖖

I finally published a new page on my blog with links to helpful research tools including @zotero @internetarchive @obsidianmd
Emphasis on #FOSS + #OpenScience tools wherever possible. Aimed at students but also a brain dump for me...

Massive thanks to @NikaShilobod for sharing her own lists + @helenahartmann for the #AwesomePhD on #github page!

I will try to update as we go on...


For #SatyrDay a #Greek bronze helmet of the Attic type, dating 5th century BC. It's ornamented with silver satyr's head.

On display at British Museum


This Roman military helmet in Verulamium Museum, St Albans, belonged to Papirius - PAPIRI was punched as dots into the helmet's neck-guard (the 'rim' facing us). He wasn't its first owner: there's an earlier inscription under it: C VICTORSI M VS R #Roman #Archaeology #RomanArchaeology #EpigraphyTuesday

Hello Mastodon peeps! This is my first "toot" 😄 🖖❤️ :mastodon: I'd love to connect with the #writingcommunity , #startrek ,#starwars , #Tolkien fans, #AncientEgypt , #vegan , #archaeology amongst other communities. #Kindness rocks! ❤️

Headless skeletons in a settlement trench: A 7000-year-old mass grave? Last summer's excavations by Slovak-German team at #neolithic site of Vráble-Ve`lke, Lehemby, Slovakia.

Image © Prof. Dr. Martin Furholt, Institute for Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology/Kiel University


Fortbildungsstelle zum geprüften Grabungstechniker (m/w/d)
Im LDA Sachsen-Anhalt ist im Bereich Bodendenkmalpflege, zum 1. April 2023, eine Fortbildungsstelle zum geprüften Grabungstechniker (m/w/d) zu besetzen.

Mehr Informationen: archlsa.de/verwaltung/stellena

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