Today was and ⁦
the Department of Chemistry
⁩ put on a sample lecture, ran an info booth (with free periodic table coasters!) and did a couple of lab tours with demos. Very engaged audience & a fun day. Many thanks to ⁦⁦colleague Violeta Iosub⁩ & our student volunteers!

Splendid afternoon/evening at the CFABS Post-ASMS symposium in Burnaby with much of my team plus 4 delightful alumni (incl.
Michelle Ting & Jane Zhu) who also happened to be there. Great to catch up with old friends, good times & thought-provoking science, thanks for the invite!

Congratulations to student Julia Levy, winner of a 2023 Rhodes Scholarship! Amazing, we're very proud of you. Best of luck with what I'm sure will be a very exciting time in Oxford, & thank you for your many contributions here at

Back from an incredible few days in Banff at the summit - enormously fortunate to spend time with a wonderful & hugely committed cohort. Many thanks to
for supporting and flawlessly organizing this marvellous initiative. Lots more work ahead!

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