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The McKinnon gym, full of

Chem101 students heads-down writing their final exam

Another term of allowing students to ask me questions anonymously during class. >800 Q in 66 Chem101 lectures, and always a different flavour to the ones I get via traditional hand-raising (the ones below aren't at all representative, just some fun examples)

Congratulations to these grad scholarship winners, and many thanks to the donors! Sofia Donnecke (David McGillivray), Ian Chagunda, (Corrina Ewan Memorial, Sally McAuley), Charlie Killeen (Mohamed and Prabha Ibrahim). Well done team! 👏👏👏

Very enjoyable lunch hosted by at which faculty award winners were celebrated, including ’s own
here being awarded the teaching prize by Dean @peter_loock. Congratulations Violeta!

Today was and ⁦
the Department of Chemistry
⁩ put on a sample lecture, ran an info booth (with free periodic table coasters!) and did a couple of lab tours with demos. Very engaged audience & a fun day. Many thanks to ⁦⁦colleague Violeta Iosub⁩ & our student volunteers!

Splendid afternoon/evening at the CFABS Post-ASMS symposium in Burnaby with much of my team plus 4 delightful alumni (incl.
Michelle Ting & Jane Zhu) who also happened to be there. Great to catch up with old friends, good times & thought-provoking science, thanks for the invite!

Back from an incredible few days in Banff at the summit - enormously fortunate to spend time with a wonderful & hugely committed cohort. Many thanks to
for supporting and flawlessly organizing this marvellous initiative. Lots more work ahead!

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