It seems common in physics papers & literature to simply point someone to a paper for a quite particular result in it, without giving a more specific citation. This often forces a reader to sift through 30 or more pages of material to find what they are looking for, leading to a waste of time for the reader.

For example, if you're referring to Theorem 17 or Eq. (134) in a paper, then cite it alongside the paper citation. This helps to speed up the job of the reader of your paper.

#Introduction time! 👋 I am an #engineering #professor at Queen's University in Kingston, #Canada. My expertise is in field and mobile #robotics. I have a newish interest in applications of #machinelearning to #control and #navigation problems. Previously worked as an #engineer at #space #robotics firm MDA. Also currently serve as Director at the Ingenuity Labs Research Institute. My #math #teacher wife and I have three #kids and we enjoy #golf.

This piece on Wired about Black Twitter is worth your time. It's something I've been thinking about a lot, about how uneven a migration to a new space ends up being.

It also is one thing I'm eyeing about Mastodon. There's a danger that servers become silos if we aren't intentional. If you listen to some of the Black scholars in my field, they are saying as much. Twitter makes their work visible across groups.

So how do we federate for inclusion? It will be a challenge.

Here is my fediverse #introduction 😊

I am a researcher in #robotics with interests in perception algorithms and control for manipulation. I used to head a lab on mobile manipulation robots at Orebro Uni in Sweden and am now transitioning to McMaster Uni in Canada. My research interests are mainly in #ML for perception/manipulation.

I will toot mostly about papers and ideas in my field, with occasional social issues. I am part of the #twittermigration and keen to build a community here!

Hi all,
Here my #introduction

I am a professor at the University of Antwerp and imec.
My research lies at the intersection of Computer Vision and Machine Learning with focus on Model #Interpretability & #Explainability.

I try to keep some outputs from the group of people I work with in the following site:

Looking forward to read your posts and follow interesting discussions

This is the #AI equivalent of getting mad at security researchers for finding vulnerabilities in a system rather than acknowledging and addressing the issues. #Galactica

12 PhD positions, wildlife monitoring & technology 

Announcing a new doctoral training network, #WildDrone! We have 12 open #PhD positions across Europe on projects in #WildlifeConservation #BehavioralEcology #ComputerVision & #AerialRobotics, to create new #conservation #technology solutions. More info at Feel free to reach out with questions, and please re-Toot! @jobsecoevo

#Job #Germany #Denmark #Netherlands #France #England #Italy #Switzerland #Kenya #Namibia

I've been using #AnnotatedEquations in my recent papers. I think it really adds to the readability and understanding of the math.

Here are some examples. It uses #tikz in #latex.

Let me know if you like it. Happy for any feedback.

First Toot! I am a postdoc at studying .

My research is at the intersection of aerial robotics, multi-robot systems, and active . I am working to develop systems for multi-robot aerial . I believe systems like this are important to the future of how we film team sports and other group activities.

I am applying to academic jobs and research scientist positions this fall. Feel free to reach out.


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