BREAKING: Slovakian heat pump market almost doubles in 2022.

Air to water systems installation rates grew by a whopping 142%.

This is remarkable in a country where about 90% of homes heat with fossil gas.

The 10 EU #CrossBorderRail pilot projects:
- were proposed by the rail industry and national governments, not the Commission

- if something’s missing no one proposed it

- they are not a complete plan to fix international rail in EU

- the list isn’t exclusive as there are many other ongoing projects

- there’s no extra EU money for any of them, but there is EU money for railways in general

- looking systematically at individual connections makes sense, so these pilots are a small step forward

Friendly reminder that everything you ever print on a label maker is transferred from an ink tape that is left in the cartridge, so when you finish a cartridge you can take a walk down memory lane of all the projects you worked on.

And then make sure to handle this duplicate of all your labels accordingly.

Thousands of archivists and librarians over here gesticulating *yes, finally, we've been saying this for a decade+*

#ChatGPT as #ConMan:

"People love ChatGPT. People have confidence in it.

"They want to use it for everything—legal work, medical advice, term papers, or even writing Substack columns. "

* give people what they ask for

* don’t worry whether it’s true or not—ethical scruples aren’t part of your job

* If you get caught in a lie, serve up another lie

* always act sure of yourself— your confidence seals the deal

(h/t @kottke)

"You are helping by cycling when you can"
British WWII propaganda poster
ca. 1940

Still true today

RT @triofrancos
How much lithium is needed to electrify the car-dependent status quo vs transforming the transportation system to increase mass transit, walking & cycling? Our new @cpluscp report finds dramatic differences. We can achieve more mobility with less mining 1/

“They’re too young to ride"
Nope. They’re completely ready, it’s our cities that aren’t.

Hah! They need to go around with giant expensive objects for gender expression! What a bunch of los...


Anyway, cargo e-bikes and micro-EVs for the win, large pickup trucks and SUVs should require a CDL.


Today's F-150 owners like to describe their vehicle as "powerful" and "rugged" -- while using it mostly for "shopping/errands" and "pleasure driving." (The vast majority don't tow anything all year.)


Anybody here interested to buy >500 high quality 2.7 inches displays from ? They're still factory-sealed in their original carton. Preferably in the Eurozone. My company is making some room.


Absolutely jaw-dropping. I know these numbers; I follow the data (and feel increasingly alone in doing so). And even so, I just sat in silence for a minute trying to even contemplate what we would have said to ourselves about a virus that would wipe out 1.09 million Americans in the space of a couple of years.

Good reminder from @Nature "Don't wait for #COP28"

Turns out it's more than OK to push for more ambitious climate policy between COPs, and on days not called "#EarthDay".

Okay, so here's my specific bone to pick with brand marketing on social media.

If you're a brand, you're a brand.

If you're a personality, you're a personality.

I don't want to know if Subway is having a bad day -- they're not.

I don't want to know about your fake aspirational lifestyle that doesn't even exist.

Stop being fake. We know who you are.

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There’s a huge untapped industry for selling people courses on how to get into technical roles followed by selling them courses on how to get out of a technical roles a year later when they burn out

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@Meyerweb The scale of the destruction is hard to grasp. Arte did a short video last year. Starting at the 2:18 mark, you can see in the background the power plants that are burning all this extracted carbon and putting it directly into the atmosphere.

People don't understand how hope works. It doesn't come from downplaying scary truths or from false optimism. Everyone sees through that. Instead, it comes from hard work, from solidarity, from courage. Hope comes from joining together and doing something. Hope comes from action.

Frequent flying is a BIG problem in academia! Let’s get our #CommonDestination guide in the hands of scientists who can lead the way in ditching flights! Thanks for spreading the word! #ScienceStayGrounded

Have you seen this pair of videos about what is means for an electric grid to collapse and what it takes to bring it back up? &
It's not about controlled shedding, the time-limited regional outages that are used to preserve an electric grid balance, but what happens after the balance is lost.

I think it's important that we all understand that:
- large outages are deadly industrial accidents, not just minor inconveniences
- it takes power to create power
- switching back on some generation capacity means also switching back on some consumers, and that's a delicate dance that requires time to ramp things up slowly
- most electrical infrastructure is remotely operated, with a limited backup capacity. Past a certain outage time, people need to be send to physically operate grid controlling devices, while transportation and communication are in a state of chaos, making the restart process exponentially more difficult and slower
- reliable and controllable power sources are key for the restart process, large hydroelectric dams are awesome for that, wind turbines are not

Contrary to the western individualist, reductionistic worldview, some problems are easier to solve when you bundle them together than when you tackle them in isolation.

After all the boundaries between sub-systems are in our minds not in the systems themselves.

It's a #WholeSystems thing.
It's a #Multisolving thing.

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