Every time I see people talking about France's short haul flight ban as an example to follow, I sigh

The *idea* is fine

The implementation in France is *intentionally, deliberately dire* - but few know that

Sorry @hart @Maristya

Explained more here, in terms of what Spain could learn - but same for what other countries might do the same:

i think the EU should pass legislation that enforces standards based 2factor auth (like totp/hotp) for banks, health insurance etc. it is absolutely unacceptable that people are _forced_ to buy android/ios smartphones to use critical services

Eugenics really gets everywhere: "Dick-Read advocated natural childbirth for the purpose of eugenics: He believed the “over-civilized” women of Britain’s upper classes—the most genetically desirable—were not breeding enough because of a pathological fear of pain during labor"

The Dubious Feminism of the Natural Childbirth Movement


I took my first post-season Bixi ride in #Montreal. Normally the service stops Nov. 15, but this year there’s a pilot project to keep the bikeshare going year-round. (Downtown only.). Note the studded tires for handling ice and snow. We’re going to need them—snow coming tonight!

A new paper, "global warming in the pipeline", is out, and the first 20 min of the video is a summary of the paper by the lead author.

* on a 12 month average, we'll hit 1.5C early next year.
* 2.0C is basically baked-in for 2040, with scenarios to stay under 2.0C looking implausible
* post 2020, sulfur emissions (which have short-term localized cooling effect) dropped by >90%, causing a doubling in solar absorption focused in the global North

Remember the new @mozilla CEO whose first action was to post a link to her Linkedin profile?

Some said I was harsh that we should let her the benefit of doubt.

So here are the first true actions: firing 60 people working on useless products to focus the company on its true mission.

The useless products?
- Relay (privacy, protection against spam)
- VPN (privacy)
- Mozilla.social (Mastodon)
- Monitor (privacy)

True mission to focus:
- AI (???)

You can’t made that up


“It’s not too late. It’s not fine. It’s exactly the time to demand a better world.”

Love this by @ClimateAdam and Rosemary Mosco (Bird and Moon Comics).

The news and our anxiety about it can seem devastating and overwhelming - but there's more to the story. The action we take now will and is making a difference, and, at the same time, much more needs to be done, by more people to make the difference that's needed.

And you don’t have to do it on your own, find or start a local Transition group and together reshape your community to be more resilient, fairer and thrive for the future.


#climateaction #community #itsnottoolate #transitiontown #climate #climatechange

Discarded products are often viable goods that are often tossed prematurely.

By repairing them, we will save €12 billion for consumers in the EU per year!

Soon, you will benefit from new consumer rights that make repairs more appealing and straightforward after the legal guarantee has expired.

Together, we can make a difference.


once again floored by Bell Labs gorgeous artist renderings of possible future scenarios. this image is from 1969 and imagines the future of the Picturephone - revolutionary for getting people to think, for the first time, about "face-to-face" interactions over phone lines #othernetworks

Yes, heat pumps also work in cold climates.

Almost 5 million heat pumps have been installed in Finland, Sweden and Norway with 10 million households combined.

My article for Carbon Brief here:


Just finisihed this & it's brilliant: Katalin Kariko's story of her life. She was convinced that mRNA therapies could work decades ago & did the foundation work, all while being ignored, never promoted & struggling for jobs.

Today, millions are vaccinated with mRNA vaccines & she has a Nobel prize.

It's a great story, and leaves a lot for the scientific system to think about. Highly recommended.

#books #mRNA #science #biography

A cool lil training station where you can practice mounting your bike to a bus in peace.

TELEZ BioReactor Controller by 1bit controls a collection of pumps, load cells and other hardware. Integrates with Particle Electron for cellular connectivity.

Article by @ishotjr pjrc.com/telez-bioreactor-cont

Detailed Info:

Enjoying posting this to Mastodon, which I have been informed by Chris Dixon is a failure.

He's real mad Mastodon won't use a blockchain, btw.

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Hurricanes are becoming so strong due to the climate change that the classification of them should be expanded to include a “category 6” storm, furthering the scale from the standard 1 to 5, according to a new study.

Happy birthday RepRap, thank you for you stunning work and approach of the industrial world. RepRap is so much more than a bunch of machines, it is a different way to see how human kind could move forward better. 💚💚💚


#reprap #3dprinting #opensource #selfreplicating @3dprinting

"The emission savings from replacing all those internal combustion engines with zero-carbon alternatives will not feed in fast enough to make the necessary difference in the time we can spare: the next five years. Tackling the climate and air pollution crises requires curbing all motorised transport, particularly private cars, as quickly as possible"



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