Similarweb: Twitter referral traffic to 12 major news outlets fell 12% on average from November 2022 to December 2022; only traffic to NY Post and Fox News grew (Digiday)

Buffer’s popular social media management software can now schedule and post to Mastodon servers. Coywolf has a first look at what it's like to connect and publish posts from Buffer to Mastodon.

A TRUE public servant and American hero…

Fauci's warning to America: 'We're living in a progressively anti-science era and that's a very dangerous thing'

After the report about the Girl Scout mom getting booted from Radio City Music Hall, I spent the last two days reporting out the use of facial recognition technology by the Madison Square Garden empire to keep hundreds of lawyers that work for firms that have sued it from attending concerts, sporting events and shows. It is a radical use of the technology by a private company and I am truly shocked by how forthright MSG is about its real-world block list.

“That something exists outside ourselves and our preoccupations, so near, so readily available, is our greatest blessing.”

In praise of walking

New York is one step away from setting a new standard for the right to repair. Tell Governor Hochul to sign this bill!

Should all Journalists show solidarity with the banned accounts on Twitter and stop posting on Twitter?

It is a few today that fell foul of Elon Musk, it could be you tomorrow over something else.

If you see this post, vote and boost it.

Twitter 's attempts to suppress Mastodon by claiming it is malware, by silencing journalists and by *checks notes* "not allowing hyperlinks on the internet" are failing. 😂

At least four thousand people an hour are joining, a rate three times higher than yesterday.

Picture source:

#Twitter #Mastodon #TwitterMigration

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Please, whatever you do, don’t delete your twitter account. Make it private and delete the app. But if you delete/deactivate your account, you’re inviting squatters to take over your name after 30 days. #MyAdvice

Just before the invasion, #Ukraine made a deal with #Amazon #AWS to create a data warehouse for its government information and infrastructure: tax and property records, bank statements, and the like. Things that an invaded and occupied Ukraine might lose if Russia got their hands on the only copies.

They literally snuck Pelican crates full of SSDs into the country and spirited them back offshore after backing up 10 petabytes of important historic and legal records.

This paragraph, second from the end, really put a fine point on why Amazon did this: They were not beholden to, nor being held hostage by, any Russian operations...because they never had any:

Amazon didn’t have to worry about its relationship with Russia on the Snowball project. It doesn’t have one. “We didn’t have anything to turn off there,” Maxwell said. “We had never invested there. It’s a point of principle.”

Truly an amazing story from the #LATimes.

On science communication:

Today Elon Musk attacked Anthony Fauci. The post got at least 600,000 likes.

Whatever this means for #TwitterMigration (should be: let's leave!),
it also means many have been radicalized against Fauci and science and gov't. While many of us have been carrying about our business, rightwing media has been creating vast hate for science. Vast.

There's only one solution: FIGHT. (more below) /1

#scicomm #science #fauci #musk #twitter

Wow... #ElonMusk is apparently very worried about #Mastodon taking his customers.

I merely replied to #EltonJohn's tweet that he was leaving #TheBirdSite with an invite to join us here, and my tweet got FLAGGED for "Sensitive Content."

I think the only people "sensitive" about this content are the folks worried about losing customers to the competition.

#TwitterMigration #Twitter
#TwitterExodus #Elon

Crypto Schadenfreude 

NFTs hosted / minted by FTX are now all broken and useless (even more so than before), as the API that provides their metadata *and actual picture* disappears after FTX' collapse.

Owners can't even see their NFT's image anymore, neither int heir wallets nor as a preview on NFT sales platforms.

It's like the web's link rot problem, only sped up 100x.

And it's fabulous.


There are sled dogs, and then there are SLED DOGS! With all the snow falling on the Sierra, I hope there are lots of good dogs enjoying the snow like THIS self-starter good dog!

#California #Sierra #snow #weather #sled #sledding #sleddog #dog #dogs #dogsofmastodon #mastodondogs

Today's #SCOTUS hearing left @marcelias cautiously reassured: "There seems little chance that the Court will deny state courts their traditional role of interpreting and applying their state constitutions to state laws governing elections."

I just want everyone to know that in 2023, Goodnight Moon enters public domain.

Goodnight, moon.



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