Learned about Gemini today from various fediverse users mentioning it in their profiles. I wanted to use the emacs client elpher to check it out, but it required emacs version 26.2 at the minimum, but my version from Debian's repos was 26.1, so I built the latest version of emacs from source and fixed a few incompatibilities between my init file and version 27, and now I'm in!

@ml Huh, I just tried elpher and it seems to work fine with the version of emacs in Debian's repos.
It really feels very nice to use.

@tzerenij Strange, I wonder what happened. The only explanation I can think of is that I hadn't switched from to I only discovered that wasn't working anymore after I had already upgraded to emacs 27, so maybe what actually fixed it was just fixing my melpa

@ml whoah, Gopher is making a comeback? That takes me back... Maybe we can bring back WAIS and search engines that are actually useful too, that'd be neat 😁.

I assume this - - is the one you mean? Added to my list of things to play with instead of working...

@tim Yes, that's right! And Gemini does have at least two search engines right now

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