Apple's default icon for a Windows server has the BSOD on a CRT.

@th Is the mouse pointer turning into a "bomb" still a thing on Apple?

@modrobert @th It never was.

What you mean was a hard lockup, most often related to system extensions. Basically the equivalent to a Bluescreen or Kernel Panic. This showed a dialogue box with a bomb icon and a restart button. It was a thing in classic Mac OS, meaning before Mac OS X was released over 20 years ago.


@MacLemon @th I humbly disagree, seen a "bomb mouse pointer" for real around 1989.

@modrobert Can you recall anything about it? Like the platform, OS, maybe a rough version number?

@MacLemon I'm not sure about the year, could have early 90s also, know for sure it was before 1997. From what I remember it had color screen, so perhaps Macintosh LC or Macintosh IIx, definitely still 68k based.

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