DevOps is a culture shift, a thinking and behavior change. It is practices that take a systemic view of software development. Like all nonlinear approaches, the focus is on learning.

We had fun exploring all the great learning resources. (You can subscribe to the weekly newsletter, From Software to Systems, here)

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People here are probably more interested than the average hobbit in the Jack-Dorsey-backed @bluesky project. Bluesky has published some things about their “AT protocol” and… here’s a review by EKR (Eric Rescorla), a highly respected individual in the network-protocols and security communities.

I found it super useful:

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En route to my last conference of the year, the wonderful @BuildStuffConf in Vilnius. Hope to make more pennys drop on organisational designs and group dynamics with the help of open sociotechnical systems thinking. It's more mundane than it sounds. ☺️ #Buildstuffconf

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Great slide by Allan Kelly comparing authoritative literature about popular "agile" methologies. We got rid of waterfall years ago but somehow big, complex methodologies (#Safe) are repackaging the old again, but they push out autonomy, vision and identity from teams.

Allan closes with a call to have small, lightweight planning processes, because they are both more humane and effective.

Allan's homepage:


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Seriously though, fedi was *built* by furries, trans and queer folk, disabled neurodivergent people.

This is *the reason* the culture here is what it is. Why CWs are a thing. Why image descriptions are a thing. Why privacy matters here. Why moderation tools not only exist, but are usable — and used.

If you had joined and asked yourself "wow, how come this place is so chill and kinda… nice?" — that's thanks to all the nice people from communities some people call "weird".

So #KeepFediWeird.

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🧑‍💻Dear #KanDDDinsky people on 🐘

I crafted a #blogpost on my #keynote last week - including all the presented tools & many more resources. 🧠❤️

➡️Read it here (feedback & experiences welcome):

🙌Let's spread more human bridgebuilding skills in tech!

If you want to change what you deploy, you first need to change how you think. You can not change your thinking if you aren't aware of your thinking.

Here are some resources to explore ...

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When I joined #mastodon, I just wanted an open-source #twitter clone.

I got more than that. Subtle design differences made for healthier conversations in ways I wasn't expecting.

Here's a blog post to try to capture those differences and why they matter.

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A poll for recent arrivals in the Fediverse (please boost/repost)


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Making final (hopefully...) touches to the talk I'll be giving at the wonderful #KanDDDinsky conf on Monday. The talk is new-ish, as it is a condensation of a long talk I've done at virtual Meetups before, like Virtual DDD and DDD Belgium, and will be intro to Emery's Open Systems Theory. Decided to give it a non-descriptive name for some reason: "Thriving in complexity".


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Making a second home in case I need to abandon the first one. Shall we stick together?

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