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So the only thing that keeps me from using eshell regularly as my shell is that I sometimes hit a CLI tool that wants to use all the TTY features, and that of course gets mangled by eshell.

Has anyone found a good solution for this? I can imagine, hypothetically, detecting one is about to launch one of those CLI tools and launching them in multi-term, but I’m not sure how I’d set that up (in particular, a pattern of running can-eshell | must-tty | can-eshell commands smells like it’d require some weird plumbing).

Reasons I will sail the high seas and warm up a BitTorrent client:

❌ Playing games I don't own
❌ Copies of movies I don't want to pay for
✔️ FoRbIdDeN EpIsOdEs...

If I vanish, weep not for me; I have merely screwed up my computer upgrading from 20.04 to 22.04 LTS.

Someone should write a small GUi wrapper around a command line utility and distribute it initially via reflected lunar radio signal to HAM receivers worldwide.

I can assure you this is an entirely practical means of creating and distributing software, and not an elaborate and expensive process to allow the HAMs using the software to claim that wizard came from the moon.

Can’t imagine loaning someone money and they can’t pay so you repossess their monkey JPEGs. Just writing the previous sentence has me giggling 🤭 🤣😆😄

BTW this is why it was stupid for all those government / emergency services accounts to resume posting on Twitter. Absolutely unreliable in critical situations

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Oh no, if only we had had months and months of consistent indications that Twitter would turn bad

"I feel the need to explain something to the generation that does not remember, or never saw, a world where one person with a high school education could support a family of 5 comfortably.

"This was real. For millions of US families. It was *normal.*

It was stolen from you."


Watching the first episode of Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

Wow, TV was just different back in the 90s.

Can’t believe it’s taken until 2023 for anyone to think of invading Russia in the *summer*


used magic wormhole for the first time to transfer files between 2 computers in my house and it's great

computer 1:
$ wormhole send myfile.pdf
Wormhole code is: 7-crossover-clockwork

computer 2:

$ wormhole receive 7-crossover-clockwork
Receiving file (7924 bytes) into: myfile.pdf

This I care about in your game store.

User interface:
Discoverability of games:
Whether I have to manually delete files in your web cache and restart my computer because your game store code sucks:

One of the fun things about is that since it compiles to JavaScript, it can proactively support language features that are under discussion but not yet finalized for JS itself.

TypeScript 5.2 is adding the `using` keyword. Woot. :)

In general, I appreciate APIs where {foo: null}, {foo: []}, and {} are not only equivalent but indistinguishable from each other.

Otherwise, you’re giving me an urn with a scorpion in it and I never appreciate that.

You know that thing about "You can't look up a recipe online without having to scroll to the bottom to get past the writer's life story?"

The software equivalent of that is looking up anything about commercial software systems. You Google them and then you have to scroll down past all the vendor's advertisements and their main page where they tell you "MoonClover is a rethinking of the nature of the nature of knowledge, the next step in evolution of the human comprehension of reality. The top choice of forward-thinking tech firms, it's pushing through ignorance to shine new light on the nature of existance and..."

Fuck that. You scroll down to the Wikipedia article so you can read "MoonClover is a key-value store with performance equivalent to MongoDB that was created by Bob Bobson and Steve Stevens to get their company, BoboStevo Inc., off paying the Oracle DB tax every quarter."

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