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We need you to be home to sign for your package

We will be there between 8am and 8pm


Been super into drone swarms for a while now. It is truly terrifying at how inadequate current defense is against a swarm... even the greatest military superpowers don’t have very effective options. A weaponized drone swarm is lethal beyond imagining... a well weaponized and well programmed swarm could destroy a US warship.

Some are testing direct energy weapons. Others testing swarm vs swarm. Some EMPs. Some are using physical nets, and other no explosive projectiles. And some are taking the cyber approach.

A decentralized command and control swarm, with fast speed and agility, some bit of AI and consensus ability, image recognition/Machine vision, and machine learning... with fragmentation grenades or lightweight high power explosives... eek.

The more you attack a swarm in a centralized way, the more decentralized it gets and the harder it becomes to defend against or attack it. There is no “head” to chop off.

If you were in a stadium at an event with 100,000 people and a terrorist org chose to attack it with a drone swarm armed with frag grenades... you’d be SCREWED. Even if, and that’s a big IF, the authorities had enough of a heads up, and did their best... they maybe... maybe... could take out half the drones, it would still be utterly catastrophic.

A lot of this information is coming from some friends at DARPA, Naval research institute, SRI, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and Stanford.

Something to think about.

Anybody in QOTO doing anything in drones/robotics? Would love to talk shop

Apple is pushing everyone to update to Big Sur now now now!! Suspicious... don’t you think? Never have they pushed everyone this hard to update.

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as a general rule, no one knows what they're talking about

If/when we can travel abroad again... anyone have and travel suggestions? Looking for “hole in the wall” type spots. The path less traveled.

Who are some good people to follow here? I’m new.

Interested in:

- Tech
- Engineering
- Science
- Philosophy

Help is highly appreciated

Anybody have any cool Arduino project ideas? I have the itch to build something

People are predictable, until they aren’t

BTC ATM at a gas station out in rural America :)

“I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote. I love to sail forbidden seas, and land on barbarous coasts.”
- Herman Melville, Moby-Dick

Anybody ever use a crypto tumbling service? Any good recs?

delete button for mainstream social media’s so deeply hidden you have to find a tutorial <

When driving today, I was thinking about how comfortable we all are with being so close to death... just about half a meter away from a deathly head on collision. Crazy.

Listening to classical music before bed >

Beauty. Gratitude. Presence.

Just deleted regular social profiles. No longer a pleb.

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