The pen is a mighty instrument of influence.

Language is one of the most important and deadly tools of a totalitarian state.

Hypocrisy is the Vaseline of political intercourse.

4 min video about the deeply engrained pioneering spirit within humanity. Crafted from “Pale Blue Dot” by Carl Sagan. Inspiring. Maybe you’ll enjoy it.

Interesting idea popped in my head today.

A tool that could calculate how many days of “fuel” you have stored up in the form of body fat. Anybody know if one exists?

Enthralling read. Learned a lot about the darker sides of human nature.

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“Destroyer of jobs. Creator of better ones.”

- Vitalik Buterin

Any 130+ IQ ppl here? Would love to chat

@FailForward recommend a poll for this.

Which do you think is most true?

Do we generate ideas?

Or do ideas find us?

Nearly everything has a dichotomy. Once you realize this, you’ll see it everywhere. I find this fascinating.

Be detached, and present

Think fast, and slow

Take fast action, but think things through

Gentle, but firm

Open minded, but grounded

What dichotomies have you come across?Curious to hear about what you’ve seen

Women and children get to be careless, men do not.

For my EU friends:

Who also have an understanding of flight regulations

In the USA, there are speed and power regulations on model aircraft and or drones. Can’t fly anything over 320 kph without getting thrown in jail.

Needing to test a drone capable of Mach .65 (804 kph).

Could you get away with this somewhere in the EU? I’ve heard Germany is a bit more lax.

Asking for a friend ;)

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