Here is the teacher from Florida who is currently being "investigated" for showing a Disney movie with an LGBT character in it:


@natharari Do you have more info about the story? What was the movie? What is meant by “investigated” ?

@yisraeldov She talks about it in the video. It's also been all over the news.

@natharari 😀 For better or for worse, this is my only source of “news.” Even though I didn't watch the video, I'm under the impression that it might contain some bias. I'm keen to hear both sides of the story. Since my kids attend a private religious school in Israel, I don't have a direct stake in this issue. Nonetheless, the disjoint nature of the different viewpoints is quite intriguing to me.

@yisraeldov Basically, she showed a Disney movie (which she had pre-approved permission for showing movies to all the kids in the class) which related to the subject material that the kids were studying. In the movie is a gay character. There's just a discussion from this character about how they have a crush on somebody for a minute or two and that's it. There's no kissing, no touching, no sexual content of any way. And keep in mind: This is an animated Disney movie for kids.

Well, one of the mothers objected to the fact that it showed a gay character at all and now the state is investigating the teacher because, in Florida, you can't talk about the existence of gay people at all until the age of 18 or something ridiculous like that. Of course, *she* didn't talk about it, an animated Disney movie did that. And the subject of the movie was about something entirely different.

@natharari What is the mother's side? Are there news sources that interview her?

“In Florida, you can't talk about the existence of gay people at all until the age of 18 or something ridiculous like that” Is that what the bill says? I thought it was more about discussing any explicit topic in schools?

@yisraeldov Well, I sent you an article. And the mother's side is that she's a bigot who doesn't want her kid to know that gay people even exist. Imagine if she objected to a Disney movie that showed a Jewish character. Or a Black character. And the Florida law said that you cannot expose kids to the existence of Jewish or Black people until they are 18. How would you feel about that?

@natharari Oof getting sucked down this rabbit hole of alternate universes. I'm having trouble finding what the mother said.

ChatGPT says: "It's important to note that the exact wording or details of Rodriguez's complaint are not publicly available based on the information from the news articles reviewed. These summaries are based on the reporting from these sources."

Here is the actual Florida law. I don't see that it states what people are claiming.

I respect people's right to be morons, so if a parent objected to a movie showing a Jewish character, I would probably call them a moron. If the school went along with it, I would put my kinds in private school…. Wait, I do that any way.

Not really related to the main point, but I would have a problem with a teacher showing ANY Disney movie during class time. Seems like 2 hours of wasted class time.

@yisraeldov Well, I really, again, suggest that you watch her video, since you said you were interested in more than one point of view.

@yisraeldov BTW I'd write more but I just don't have the time to argue it at the moment.

@yisraeldov No, I meant more like debating than arguing. As in a classical argument. Not shouting.

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