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#OTD in 1968, Astronaut Neil Armstrong takes the Lunar Landing Research Vehicle 1 (LLRV-1) for a training flight and is forced to eject right before it crashes in a fiery blaze!

More about this hair-raising episode 55 years ago today:

pour one out for us in the uk pls today is gonna be hell



Weren't we all complaining that the #Xcode console would be nicer if it detached for #debugging?

What about using Terminal?

I did not notice this setting, ever!

It's good to have my thinkpad back. For a week his drive was inside my "new" PC. Yesterday got a new drive, so time to fix that :)

Finding anything useful on the web via google has become such a disaster. Just a sea of SEO-driven garbage. I was looking for some Python help yesterday and just could not get through the wall of robot-written SEO chum. It’s such a shame—I know that so many people are writing things that are genuinely useful and completely unfindable.

Here's a guide to all of the ostentatious and offensive pomp on display for today's ceremony:

It slides from their thick, clutching, fingers like a filthy ooze.

I really, really, despise the royal family.

A fascinating look:
YouTube: Public Opinion: What Happens When You Flush the Toilet in NYC?

This actually was quite enlightening and interesting - especially to someone like me who grew up in NYC as a kid.

I keep thinking about the fact that a white man on my subway line was so threatened by a Black man being weird in public that he killed him, in front of a crowd, and no one did anything.


Black Lives Matter.

black lives matter

So, the anti-science idiot prince will be crowned king today.

What a terrible system.

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