@CarlG314 I couldn't agree more, especially after the gargantuan amount of revolting and horrific atrocities committed by so many Russian soldiers against Ukrainian civilians and soldiers alike.

Good for #Ukraine, and I hope they did support the raid inside #russia If someone is punching you, are you only allowed to block their fists, and not punch back?

Russia brought this war to Ukraine, and Ukraine will be better off once the west stops imposing pointless conditions on how their weapons are used. The time for being scared of so-called "red lines" has passed.


@Forbes And people wonder if our investment in is worth it. Not only are supporting and defending a free people against a war criminal aggressor, but they're actually doing more than anyone else ever did to take out the entire Russian Army without having to go to a nuclear scenario.

I spent the past week on overhauling my old """web design""", introducing some more flexible content types and responsivity.

Still work in progress, but I'm fine reading stuff on my page in this current state!

@gratefuldread It's assuming that half of the GOP congress people can actually read in the first place. The evidence isn't conclusive at this stage, but would lead one to believe not.

'“Twitter is making it impossible to conduct the very research that alerted the world about the risks and pathologies of social media,” said Menczer.'

Twitter is making researchers delete data it gave them unless they pay $42,000 inews.co.uk/news/twitter-resea

@yisraeldov I'm not enthused that Biden is so old, but I'll vote for nearly anyone who is rational enough to keep the Republicans out of power right now - and for the foreseeable future. Also, Biden has been a pretty decent president overall. And I dare say that he would probably pass a cognitive test with flying colours.

Trump couldn't even identify that the woman who was suing him wasn't his wife. On camera, in front of the entire world. And people think that Biden is mentally deficient?

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