Day 5 of is a bit late, because somehow the academic end of the year implies doing a year's worth of work in three weeks 😅 But it's a good one.

I recently found out that awake dog fMRI is something that we can do and there's basically an entire subfield of "dog neuroscience". I also recently discovered Gregory Berns' book, "How Dogs Love Us", and I'm looking forward to a wholesome Christmas read.

Did you know about this? Have you read the book? Do you know any cool insights from this field? Would love to discuss.

@neurofrontiers Yes, dog neuroscience is a growing field! We study how dog brains evolve using MRI techniques.

@sophiebarton I remember seeing a retoot of your poster and thinking "that's the kind of content I want on my feed!", so then I followed you 😅
Really cool work and I'm looking forward to seeing more of it!

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