On day 8 of , we ponder whether we will ever be able to explain the brain in simple terms. It's a trainee's take, so would love to hear what the experts think:

@neurofrontiers This was interesting to read! I enjoyed seeing all these models compared.

I think there's room for analysis at all levels of abstraction. In fact, I'd argue one of the central problems of neuroscience is to reconcile the different levels. That is, how to go from modeling ion channels to psychological concepts?

Going further, an appropriate explanation of the brain may come as a series of hierarchical models. Perhaps it could be like in physics, where simple models exist but only within some bounds. Beyond the bounds, the approximations break down and a different theory is needed. Similarly, we can model some behaviors on longer timescales at the level of groups of neurons while others need to be explained at single neuron level.


@lili Thank you so much!
That’s a great point! Reconciling the different levels is still very much a challenge and I think you’re right, a hierarchy of models could be incredibly useful.

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