Talk about anxiety 

The other day I happened to mention to someone that January has been a particularly anxiety-ridden month for me, as I had to give several presentations and submit some work for publication, so now I already need a break. Emboldened by the puzzled look on their face and the absolute silence, I proceeded to explain that, while I know no real harm would come from these situations, my body refuses to listen to reason and is actively behaving like we're about to die. My chest hurts and doesn't fully expand on the inhale, my stomach is turned upside down, I become light-headed, my muscles become quite weak etc. Their answer? "Wow, that sounds exhausting! I absolutely can't relate."

As silly as it sounds, it was only then that I realized there are people out there who simply don't have to push through anxiety to get stuff done. Of course, on a rational level, I knew they must exist, but somehow I've managed to surround myself only with other anxious friends. Now I'm wondering how many of the people I'm usually comparing myself to get an extra jump in their step simply because they don't have to fight against the feeling of having their windpipe crushed when trying to hit "send" on some paper submission.

So I'd like to poll the community on here. In which camp are you?

Talk about anxiety 

@neurofrontiers I can totally relate to this! I've also had to give two talks this week and preparing a paper rebuttal.

For me, it's not quite like a crushed windpipe, but it's this feeling of exhaustion and existential dread. Interacting with people becomes harder.

I often push away the anxiety to the side so I can finish things but then it all comes back to me and I need to lay down and rest.

Talk about anxiety 

@lili Yes, it’s definitely exhausting, regardless of how one pushes through.
I hope you have the chance to rest for a bit before the next thing comes around! And thank you for sharing!

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