Wow this was interesting to see. I bought and started setting up mastodon there, will post an update when it's ready!

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#Introduction post:

Hi! I'm Alyssa MacKenzie. My pronouns are she/her/they. I'm a non-binary trans woman, activist, LGBTQ+ media consultant, VERY active in my community & live in Orlando, FL.

I'm prominent in the trans community and on social media, mainly for being positive, supportive, yet fiercely protective of trans people and the entire LGBTQ+ community. I've been featured in many newspapers throughout the United States, am a former Field Organizer for the Human Rights Campaign and advocate for pro-equality candidates who will help advance trans liberation.

My contact info is in my profile, and you'll likely see my posts floating around on Fridays, as I typically do 'Trans Appreciation Friday', where all trans/non-binary people are welcome to participate, telling us their name, pronouns, a bit about them and posting a pic, if they feel comfortable.

I'm happy to be here. Please feel free to say hello any time! I'm a friend, a resource and will help in any way I can.

Most of my outdoor ferns are starting to die back for winter, but indoors, this Staghorn Fern brings me joy.

Some recent work suggests that these ferns may be on the cusp of eusociality. They grow on tree with overlapping generations of adult plants in a colony. Some plants specialise in leaf-litter collection and reproduction, and some in water-storage. Not quite an ant or a mole rat, but getting there... #ferns #FernFriday #Platycerium #StaghornFern

Can any point me to books or resources about the use of physical models in scientific discovery? (I'm thinking of like how Watson and Crick played around with metal plates to make a double helix, etc)

#HistoryOfScience #science #PopularScience #ScienceBooks

What's a good name for themed mastodon server?

Are people really not posting about the awful Ph.D. salaries on here? Or is the search bar just wonky?

Either way, here is a reminder that Biology Ph.D. students are not expected to be able to afford basic living costs.

As the largest living #reptile, the saltwater #crocodile can reach 23ft and 2200lbs. With 66 teeth up to 5" long and the world's strongest bite, this modern #megafauna is a formidable predator that feeds on anything. It usually lurks in brackish waters, lunging onto land to capture prey including buffalo, sharks, and humans.
Unlike most reptiles, crocodiles protect their young. Mothers stay with eggs, carry hatchlings to water in their mouths, and care for them for months after hatching.

Seems like a lot of the science/humanities/academia instances are closed or getting really big. I'm thinking of making my own instance. Some aspects I'd like it to have:
* domain blocks for hateful sites
* longer text limit to promote deeper discussion (maybe 20k characters)
* latest mastodon+glitch ( ) with all the nice features
* culture welcoming especially to people identifying with LGBTQIA+ and PoC

I looked into the technical and financial aspects and I can do this!

Would anyone be interested in this? Any suggestions on the last point?

It was three years ago that I started to see the shadow animals.

So here's a cool thing. These little devices (magnets that attach to the back of your knife) keep delicate slices of, well, whatever you’re slicing, from sticking to the knife-back while you’re working. Garlic is a good test….


I'll note that I think part of the confusion is a cultural one. Having gone from a cognitive neuroscience fMRI/ECoG lab to a drosophila neuroscience lab, I feel there is a disconnect between the goals and methods between the two fields. The drosophila neuroscientists (unfairly) dismiss cognitive neuroscience as not rigorous enough, whereas the cognitive neuroscientists (unfairly) dismiss work on drosophila as they see flies as "too simple".

I think this reflects a larger gap that I've seen of neuroscientists approaching the brain from a cognitive versus biological angle and how this leads to them to pursuing different goals using different methods. Cognitive scientists are often looking at neuroscience for fingerprints that can clarify cognitive concepts, whereas biologists often look at neuroscience trying to understand natural computation and biological processes connecting to the rest of the body.

During the pandemic I read a few wonderful "cat books" by Japanese authors. Would love some more recommendations (from Japan or any other country).

I Am a Cat (Sōseki Natsume)
The Traveling Cat Chronicles (Hiro Arikawa)
The Guest Cat (Takashi Hiraide)


#Japan #JapaneseLiterature #Cats #RecommendedReading #Bookstodon

For , I want to give a shout-out to @juliaserano , whose books have really helped me make sense of my identity as a trans woman and of my sexuality.

"Whipping Girl" helped me think about the social dynamics of gender in a richer way. In particular, the idea of feminity itself being undervalued in society (along with the implications) was a lightbulb moment for me.

"Sexed Up" set up and dismantled the common "predator prey" framework around sex. It is much more pervasive and harmful than I feared, and Serano helped me think through alternatives.

In both books, my favorite parts were really the anecdotes of Serano's experiences as a trans woman, many of which I identified with.


Had trouble choosing a mastodon instance? I got GPT-3 to generate some new possibilities.
Members discuss all different forms of flounder, from deep-sea to land-based.

All messages must consist of the two letters 'D', for fear that the dinosaurs will eat people's pocketbooks.

Users must provide a source of warmth in order to post.

#Glyptodon, like mastodon, is a #megafauna named for its teeth. Ridged molars helped glyptodon-or "Carved Tooth"--process low trees and grasses after shearing sustenance with its strong snout.

The massive #armadillo weighed in at over 4,000lbs and was around 3m long. Protected from most predators by the bony plates of its shell, glyptodon may have been fed on by sabre-tooth cats, #giant bears, and humans. Its extinction coincides with changing climate and human arrival in its territory.

🚨 BIG DATA RELEASE 🚨 We are beyond excited to announce the release of our Brain Wide Map of neural activity during decision making! It consists of 547 Neuropixel recordings of 32784 neurons across 194 regions of the mouse brain 🐭🧠

All these recordings were performed in a distributed fashion in 12 different labs, spanning Europe and the US 🌎 Rigorous standardization of methods and materials allowed us to pool the data from these labs together into a single gigantic dataset 🐙

Mice are performing our standardized perceptual decision-making task in which they have to position a stimulus in the center of a screen to receive reward. The dataset contains the stimuli and decisions, but also videos from three angles and DeepLabCut pose information. We're even releasing all the raw ephys data!

We know, it's a lot. At your own pace you can read all the details about the experimental setup, the task, processing of the data, and much more in the technical paper which accompanies this data release:

To explore the data at your leisure, visit our visualization website where you can scroll through different recording sessions, look at neural activity during example trials, and see trial-based activity of single neurons:

Do you have itchy fingers to run your models on this humongous dataset? We totally get it! Here you can find how to download the data using our API so you can fire up those computing clusters:

This was a collective effort of our stellar team, who all put in so much work to make this monumental achievement possible. Our collaboration consists of 22 PIs, 37 researchers, and 11 staff members who all worked tirelessly to bring these data to you, the community 👏🍾

Our most recent #preprint ( was submitted for peer review by eLife under 'the new model' - I'm happy to share that it is now undergoing in-depth peer review. To celebrate, here's a cell that's making a little dance, guided by light

Keeping my tradition of painting octopuses on the bottoms of tables in hotel rooms alive 😀

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