OK #mastodev and other Coders. Now is the time to help.

Download this zip file linked to below - Trump was forced by Eugen to honor the GPL.

And see if you see any other fuckery #TrumpSocial is likely to bring, or whatever else has been added to this fork.

Then we can use this as a thread to all compare notes.


Will be live on Twitch for the first time in a looooong time in 20-25 minutes: twitch.tv/gamingonlinux

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πŸ‘Ύ really appreciate everyone defiantly staying with disqordia after being blacklisted and slandered by the leftist cool kids club, marked for death by the right, harassed, stalked, hacked, and given no real support outside our little circle of other weird trans instances throughout it all.

Enemies come and go.

Disqordia endures.

β€œNobody wants to cut off their family” no. I do. I love cutting off family. I love cutting off people who feel entitled to my life despite putting 0 effort into actually knowing me as a person. I love it almost as much as I love patricide

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