\( \begin{aligned}
C_\mathrm{Total} = &~\sum_{t=1}^{T} R_\mathrm{0} - \frac{A}{2} + A T \\
=&~R_\mathrm{0}T - \frac{A}{2}T + A \frac{T(T+1)}{2}
= R_\mathrm{0}T + \frac{1}{2}A T^2
\end{aligned} \)

I've seen worse.

Seems like it refreshes several times, and the last one isn't too beautiful. :(

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@oskay Boy that took a LONG time to finally render, and only if I opened it in qoto. On my instance timeline it never renders.

@kwf Neither of those screenshots shows it rendered-- did it eventually render for you?

@oskay Nope. It took about 30 seconds for it to go from the raw code to that on qoto, and even left open for another 15 minutes it never progressed further than that.

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