WebKit is bringing Web Push to iOS home screen web apps, with a full suite of native-like functionality including badging and focus modes. Read all about it:

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@othermaciej @siracusa This sounds awesome, can‘t wait to play around with it!

@othermaciej It took the threat of competition from non-Safari browser engines on iOS via DMA to get Safari to implement stuff like this. And you know what? Good! We're all better off for all of these new features. There's no reason web apps should be second-class citizens on iOS other than it drives people to the App Store.

Let's see if the Safari team keeps up the pace.

@naton essentially it works the same as in other browsers. We found most websites that supported Push for other browsers just worked, as long as they didn’t have a hardcoded user agent lockout.

@naton I see. Unfortunately, server-side web development is beyond my expertise, so not sure how much I can help. There are general tutorials out there for how to set up Web Push and send a push notification from the server. We don’t have WebKit-specific docs beyond that.

@othermaciej @siracusa If I had to prioritize new features around giving the impression (deserved or not) of a legally plausible alternative to the App Store, the list would include a lot of those things.

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