Stuff like this is why I always assumed the Fireflies are full of shit at the end of The Last of Us and had no idea how to make a cure and were just going to murder a person for nothing. I assumed that was the intended reading, but maybe it's just a splash of bad writing in an otherwise brilliantly written game and show?

TLOU spoilers 

@othermaciej I don’t think there’s any other interpretation that makes any sense. If the Fireflies had a competent brain surgeon among them, who knew where to salvage the right equipment to give the patient decent odds of surviving the procedure, then they’d ask for Ellie’s consent and they’d be ready to take No for an answer. They obviously didn’t and we’re not. Clearly unethical. I would have capped that “doctor” without hesitation.


TLOU spoilers 

@janxdevil See that's what I always thought when I played the first game, only reinforced when you find the recorder citing their past unethical and failed experiments. So I never understood why Joel's choice was supposed to be remotely difficult or divisive. But I think Naughty Dog just failed to make the "one life vs the world" setup as credible as they meant it to be.

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