Lots of people would like to see Safari's web developer tools grow and improve. Want to join the WebKit Developer Experience team and be their hero? Experience in both web development and C/C++/ObjC preferred. Apply online or message @othermaciej for more info!


@Cameo @othermaciej I'm not looking for another job and I'm not in the USA anyway but something I think Webkit meets is the ability to support interactive widget = rezize content like chrome and Firefox. It can make the ux better for large textarea.


@louisrcouture @Cameo Can you give an example of the kind of thing you have in mind? If you mean HTML <textarea> elements being resizable, they are by default in WebKit and I think we had that feature first.

@othermaciej @Cameo this will be a thread 🧵

This is a real life use case that I have for a PWA I have made myself. It has been very handy for my online classes. I've been feeling lazy lately and I like to watch my online classes in my bed, taking notes on my iPad and just switching back and forth between notability, zoom and this app. So I've made some adjustment to make it more friendly for mobile and touch interfaces. This is when the textarea is not focused.

@othermaciej @Cameo and when you use interactive widget resize content what the web view will do is to resize automatically to match the part of the view that's actually visible. The text area is smaller but I can just scroll down the text area. I say that's a better UX because scrolling the whole website put important info away from the user and if you you use a fixed height like I do the scrolling won't work well. This is supported on Firefox and Chromium browsers.

@othermaciej @Cameo this is also highlighted in other contexts, here with a text editor made by google, as you can see we don’t see the menu

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